Happy New Year post

The End Of 2020

It’s finally the end of 2020!

This year hasn’t been the greatest. I’ve had to basically take the entire year off from in person sessions and I’ve had so much on my plate from my day job that my online content has been a bit of a roller coaster.

But I’m hoping that 2021 will be better!

I’ll be working on getting a better workload balance and will be bringing back my monthly newsletters to help keep everyone up to date with my schedule ^_^

I’ll aim to have at least one public cam show a month with specific days set aside for cam session bookings.

At this point I have no idea when I’ll be resuming in person sessions but it’s likely that I’ll wait until I’ve had the vaccine (whenever that happens).

In happier news, January is my birthday month!

So I’ll be working on lots of fun things throughout the month to make sure that it’s not just me that has a great time ;p

Videos content, photo sets, special deals and so much more will be coming very soon!

So watch this space and be sure to sign up to my newsletter to stay updated!

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