2021 Is A Timewaster Free Zone – 4.1.2021

Hello darlings!

I didn’t really set myself any proper new years resolutions this year. Instead I’m trying to just focus on recognising my needs, taking care of my self and not wasting my energy on things/people that don’t deserve it. Which is why I’m going to have absolutely no patience for time wasters this year.

If you send me a message that doesn’t have any mention of purchasing a service then I’ll probably not reply.

If you message and ask about purchasing a service and then try to haggle, I’ll blacklist you.

If you want to stay in my good books then just keep communication clear and to the point. Sending me nice & friendly messages is very sweet and I do appreciate it but don’t expect me to be able to reply.

If you want time to chat with me then you have to pay me for that time.

So whether you want to buy a web cam session or want to be my sugar daddy just be upfront when you reach out to me. Be ready to pay via CashApp, bank transfer or here (via my website) and don’t expect me to give you my time just on your word that you’ll eventually buy something from me.

You’ve got to remember, this is my job. I’m a professional fantasy fulfiller (or whatever term I feel like using on the day).

We can have so much fun together but first you have to show me that you respect that this is a service. That means paying when you’re asked to, being reasonable about waiting times for custom content, messaging if you need to cancel/reschedule and understanding that once a session is over I won’t have the free time to sit and chat. I can provide girlfriend experiences but I’m not going to be your girlfriend.

As long as you can respect that then we’ll have a great time.

Until next time! Be good x

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