Alice Adventures Into Cryptoland & Exciting Updates – 13.1.2021

Hello my darlings and deviants!

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that I’ve taken an interest in something new recently. Something that only exists virtually and that has the potential to be some really cool sci-fi style world connecting currency!

What am I talking about? Cryptocurrency! BitCoin, Etherium and all those other names that I’m starting to learn and look into. But more on that in a moment.

Something else that I’ve talked about before but have finally made my mind up on is returning to PornHub. Depending on how long you’ve been following me you might know that I’ve not always had the best opinion of PH but with all of the improvements they’ve been making lately I’ve decided to give them another chance. Again we’ll talk about that in a moment.

My last update is just to say that I’ve decided that I’ve got too much on my plate to do all of the things I wanted for my birthday month so instead I’m just going to have one cam show at the very end of the month. So be sure to save your pennies as I’m hoping to have the most exciting birthday stream ever!

Of course I’ll be continuing to post photo sets over on my premium sites so if you haven’t signed up yet then you really ought to consider it ;p


So let’s talk about cryptocurrency.

With visa and mastercard pulling out of PH and getting payment processors to work with Sex Workers being difficult in general I’ve started doing a little bit of digging into cryptocurrency as a potential option to accept payment.

My first immediate impression is “omg this is so much stuff to read through how do I even look at getting started” quickly followed by “it’s how much to buy 1 unit of crypto!????”.

So I did more reading, asked a few friends and I’ve gotten to a super basic level where I think I have the jist of it. 

Crypto explained by Alice:

Ideally you buy 1 unit of crypto and then leave it to accumulate like an investment. But like investments it’s not guaranteed to increase.

Crypto is basically a line of code that’s been given monetary value. The more developed the code it comes from is the more it’s worth.

One of the main benefits of crypto is that it’s decentralized – there’s no bank or government in control of it. It’s anonymous and universal (in theory).

And that’s kind of my basic understanding so far. It’s far more complicated than that and I know that, please don’t think I’m claiming to be any kind of expert I promise I’m clueless. But I am stubborn and determined to test the waters to see if this is a workable option for Sex Workers and their clients to use.

The main problem I’m seeing is there isn’t much of a middle ground. People seem to be all crypto or no crypto. Which makes sense given how confusing it is to read up on. So the way I would see it working is, I get crypto as payment and then I use that crypto to buy something of value (like gold) and then I go and cash in that item for money that I can use in an everyday setting. 

There do seem to be a few places that will convert your crypto to cash for a small fee but I don’t really have any crypto to test them out yet so I can’t comment on them just yet.

Most Sex Workers I know are not going to want to deal with the learning curve and faff it takes to get into crypto and to then be able to use crypto to buy things. But I’m hoping that in time I’ll have a better understanding and will be able to accept payment via crypto and explain to others the basics of how it works.

For now I’ll leave you with these two links to check out.

Gemini – you can learn about crypto and see the values of different cryptocurrencies, you can also buy some cryptocurrency (minimum card purchase is £5).

Guide on how to invest in cryptocurrency – it’s a long read but fairly straightforward and I found it really helpful.


Now the fun part, I’ve decided to return to PornHub!

I’ll be posting all of my oldest videos on there for FREE!

But I’ll be doing it very slowly as some of my oldest videos need a little love before they’ll be ready to be put out into the world for anyone to see.

I’ll aim to upload 8 a month until I have all of my oldest videos up and from there I’ll post an update as to when I’ll next upload a new batch. I’m also considering creating 1 PH exclusive video per month to upload, just as a special treat but I haven’t fully made my mind up on that just yet so no promises.

All of my most recent videos (2020 – present) will stay behind a paywall though, so if you’re waiting for any of them to be available for free I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath (no matter how into breath play you are).

So that’s something fun that everyone can look forward to! 

Birthday Live Show

I’m still working on the details but I’ve settled on the date. Be sure you keep Saturday the 30th of January clear and have plenty of pennies set aside to tip ;p

More info will be posted closer to the time and on my Twitter.

That’s all for now.

Be good and play safe x

Alice x

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