Scheduling Update – 5.2.2021

Hello all!

This is just a short blog post to give everyone a quick update about my schedule. I’ve realised that daily content isn’t really an option for me and trying to provide daily content was stressing me out. So instead of stressing myself out and producing lower quality content I’ve decided to adjust my posting schedule.

From now on I’ll only be posting content on the weekends. Whether that’s photo sets or videos or both, it will only happen during the weekend (Friday to Sunday). Of course some sets are made of several parts and may continue into the week, so there may be some overspill into the week.

This will be the case for all of my platforms.

If you’re looking to book a one to one session then times and dates can be negotiated. Please use the contact forms on my website to arrange a session.

I will also be aiming to do one cam show per month on the last Saturday of each month.

Thank you for checking in ^_^

Stay safe everyone!

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