Happy November!

This is a month where many people will take part in all kinds of different challenges. There’s Movember, Nanowrimo, Drawing challenges and so many more…but the one that I think sounds like the most fun (or at least the most fun to make it more difficult for those taking part ;p) is “No Nut November”!

The aim of this challenge is pretty straightforward, you have to get to the end of November without climaxing aka “nutting”. Sounds challenging, right? Well, I thought it would be fun to make it even more difficult for those that decide they want to give this challenge a go…

So I’m running a very special challenge bundle for my own version of “No Nut November”!

It’s really simple, you sign up to take part in the challenge and pay for the bundle £30/$40 and in return you’ll get a new teasing video each day of November. If you can make it all the way to the end of November without giving in then you’ll have successfully completed my challenge!

But! If you “nut” aka cum then you lose!

Of course this relies on everyone being honest and in the end it’s just for fun so don’t stress yourself out over it too much. But I might put together some small prizes or punishments for anyone that’s really into this sort of thing ;p

Sounds like fun? Want to get involved? Use the form below to register to play!

(The following has been added on the 12th Nov)

Have you only just stumbled across my No Nut November challenge? Sad that you’ve missed out? Don’t worry!

You can join this challenge at any time during November and get access to all of the challenge videos!

So if you have only just joined on day 12 then you get the first 12 days when you sign up as well as unlocking each new challenge video each day as usual. It’s never too late to challenge yourself, so why not see how long you can go without cumming ;p

Payment options I can accept:

  • CashApp = UK
  • Bank Transfer = Worldwide but easier for UK based individuals
  • Donation via JustGiving = Worldwide
  • OnlyFans/Premium Sites Tip = Worldwide

For more options please ask in the form below and I’ll contact you directly. Thank you.

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