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Possible December Dates

Hello lovelies, I’ve had a few people asking when I’ll next be available and as of right now I don’t have an answer. December is such a tricky month, many people will be spending money on other things or not have the availability to make time to visit. So it’s tricky to decide if I should arrange for dates in December.

I’m running a little poll on my Twitter to gauge general opinions but I wanted to make sure that everyone that visited my website knew what was going on.

If I do arrange to be available in December it will be in Glasgow City Centre (Scotland, UK) and it will likely be some time between the 16th and the 21st of December.

I’ve created a very short survey for people to let me know if they’d like me to arrange a visit to Glasgow, so please take two minutes and respond to it by clicking on the button below.

Regardless of whether or not I have any December dates I will definitely be arranging a visit to Glasgow in January 2022! As some of you may know, January is my birthday month! So I’m very excited to celebrate it with some lovely visitors x

More on that in a little while ;p

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