First Dates of 2022!

Hello cuties!

I’m super excited to announce my first in person dates for 2022 ^_^

I’m going to be in Glasgow from Jan 30th to Feb 2nd! And I hope you’ll take some time to cum and visit me ;p

However, it’s important to note that these dates may change. If I get a lot of advanced bookings then I will add extra dates (likely Feb 3rd on) but if I don’t get enough advanced bookings then I will reduce or cancel this trip. So if you want to be able to visit me then you had best book in advance!

This is how I intend to work until I have a permanent in call space again (if anyone wants to donate £2k to me to set that up then I’d love to talk).

Also, don’t forget, January is my birthday month! So as well as it being my first dates of the year it’s also part of my birthday celebrations!

You’ll also find fun new content, special deals and a bunch of exciting things happening this month so if you can’t visit me don’t worry, there will be plenty of fun things to get involved in <3

Want to get me a birthday present? Check out my wish lists HERE x

Please remember that deposits are required for all bookings, find out more about booking a session with me HERE.

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