Filming Days Information – 13.1.22

(Last updated 26.9.22)

Hello darlings!

Some of you may have noticed a new section on my website that talks about Filming Days. This blog is going to have all of the information you need to find out just what a Filming Day is and how you can get involved.

Let’s start with what I mean when I say Filming Day.

My Filming Days are going to be days that I have set aside to film content with amateurs/Subs/fans. They will be entirely focussed on filming content that I want to film and that I will then be selling on my sites.

This means that if you apply to participate in a Filming Day session you will be given options of which content you want to be involved in, then given scripts for that content, the content will then be filmed and edited by Alice, you will receive a copy of the finished content to do so as you please and the finished videos will also be published on Alice’s websites (such as ManyVids, OnlyFans, Fansly, etc.).

You will not get to tell Alice what you want to film. If you wish to direct and star in a video with Alice please take a look at the section of Alice’s website that talks about Hiring Alice.

So what do you need to participate?

The fee to participate is £100/hour with a £50 deposit (per hour).

In order to participate you will also have to provide:

  • Recent STI test certificate
  • Two forms of photograph ID
  • Signed consent forms for publishing filmed content online
  • Signed Filming Day Agreement form
  • Reliable & good at communication throughout the negotiation stage
  • References if available
  • A negative COVID19 Test
  • A Stage Name

Along with any additional items such as masks/hoods to hide your identity if that is something you are concerned about.

What happens if you get cold feet after the videos are made?

If you ask for the videos to be removed from Alice’s websites you will be asked for an additional £200 per hour of filming to cover the losses. You will also lose the right to publish your copy of the videos. If you do not think you are prepared for your videos to be available to be watched by strangers (or potentially by people that might know you) then please do not apply.

Filming of private videos can be arranged by contacting Alice and discussing hiring her as a porn actress.

What will we film?

If you’re still reading then you might be wondering what exactly is likely to be filmed during a Filming Day? 

Well here are two example scripts to give you an idea of what you would receive from Alice.

Script 1

Boot worship

Scene starts with Alice sitting reading a book and the Sub standing in the corner. Alice will pause reading, look at her boots and tut before calling her Sub over.

She will instruct the Sub to get on his hands and knees and to worship her boots. She will then continue reading.

After a minute she will stop reading again and look down at the Sub. She will say that he needs to do better and will put her book aside to instruct him properly. The Sub should apologise and say something along the lines of “Sorry Mistress, I’ll do better.”

Alice will talk the Sub through worshipping her boots properly and then the scene will end with Alice telling the Sub that’s enough and sending him back to his corner so she can continue reading.

Sub needs to provide:

Their own hood/mask

Their own coverings for any identifiable features they want to hide

Script 2


There are 2 ways to go with this – it could be a punishment or a reward.

Punishment version

The scene starts with the Sub tied to a  breeding bench (or similar), blindfolded and gagged. Alice enters and talks about how the Suhas disappointed her and that he needs to be punished, so today she’s going to push him to his limits.

She will then reveal to the camera a selection of dildos that get bigger as they go along.

Fade to Alice now standing ready in her strapon and beginning to peg the Sub. Repeat with each size of dildo, taunting the Sub as she fucks him.When we get to the largest dildo Alice will pause and make a big deal out of ow large the dildo is, the Sub should act nervous and make some muffled noises through the gag.

Alice will then fuck with the largest dildo and continue taunting, saying things like – take it you slut, this will teach you not to disappoint me again, does it feel good being fucked by your Mistress, etc.

The scene will end with Alice pulling out and laughing then saying that she’s going to untie the Sub now so that he can get to work tidying up all of this mess that he’s made and that he had better not disappoint her again.

Reward version

A table (or similar) is set up with a selection of dildos on it, Alice guides the Sub – who is blindfolded – over to the table saying that she has a very special reward for him for all his hard work. She will then remove the blindfold and tell the Sub he can choose as many as he wants and that Alice will then fuck him with them.

After the dildos are picked, move to the breeding bench (or similar) and get set up. Alice will then   ask if the Sub is ready before starting to peg him. Whilst she fucks him she will say nice things like – you’re taking this so well, you’ve worked so hard so you deserve this treat, do you like this, etc.

To finish the scene Alice will either pull out and continue with compliments or if the Sub is able then the scene will end when the Sub cums from being fucked.

Sub needs to provide:

Their own hood/mask

Their own coverings for any identifiable features they want to hide

Their own anal douche – if required (but please try to clean out before arrival)

Their own toys if possible but toys will be provided.

Once you have received your scripts you have the chance to flag things you’re not comfortable with and to ask for minor changes or if you don’t want to do a particular type of scene anymore then you can ask to change to a different type of scene altogether.

I’ve got my script, now what?

After the scripts have been accepted by all involved, Alice will take your deposit and schedule your time slot for the Filming Day.

By this stage you should be arranging sexual health tests, ordering/purchasing any required items and ensuring that you have everything on your side prepared.

Then as the date of the Filming Day arrives, Alice will provide the address of the filming location and any additional instructions.

On the Filming Day itself things should be pretty straight forward. You’ll arrive, have your temperature checked, fill in all of the relevant paperwork, your ID will be scanned/photographed and your STI certificate will be scanned/photographed, you will get to see Alice’s ID & certificate and then you’ll move to begin filming.

Showers and preparation areas will be made available where possible. Filming will include breaks for water and decompression/after care.

What happens after we’ve filmed the content?

After filming is complete Alice will provide you with an unedited, raw copy of all of the footage which you are involved in.  Alice can edit your videos for you for an additional £20 per video.

Once all of your videos have been edited and are ready to upload you will then be asked if you are happy to go ahead as planned or if you wish to pay the additional £200 per video to then not have the videos posted online.

Then the videos are published and you get to enjoy knowing that you’ve starred in a video alongside Alice!

Doesn’t that sound exciting!?! Want to get involved? Head over to my Filming Days section to find out when my next Filming Day will be and how to apply to participate!

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