An Extra Special Birthday Party

Hello lovelies!

Today’s blog is talking about a fantasy of mine that I’ve had for quite a while but never managed to bring into reality. For the longest time I’ve day dreamed about having a really good fucking for my birthday. And I don’t just mean the fabulous birthday sex that I usually get, I mean a ridiculous absolute railing by multiple people. Entirely focussed on me getting right and properly fucked. I think it would be glorious ^_^

And to add to that already exciting fantasy, I’d love to film it all so I could then share the experience with others (for a price of course ;p)!

But a birthday party like that requires a lot of planning…which brings me to today’s blog ;p

My next birthday is January 2023. That means I have just under four months to plan this extravagantly hedonistic present to myself.

So let’s go over the logistics.

I need a venue & ideally a camera operator or two (camera on a tripod is fine but it’s not as good for capturing big scenes like the ones I want for this).

I’ll likely want some specific birthday lingerie or outfits.

I want at least 10 people (preferably more, all genders welcome) to cum (;p) and fuck me silly.

That means I need at least 30 people signed up for this party so that I can account for drop outs, illness or any other cancellations. But of course I won’t be accepting the first 30 randos that message me. I need to know that the people that join my party are actually going to make sure that I have a good time.

So that brings up the point that I need to have entry requirements for my “party guests”.

The most obvious of those requirements being:

  • The ability/willingness to travel to Glasgow, Scotland.
  • STI Certs (for 3 consecutive months ideally).
  • Consent to be filmed and to have the filmed content posted online.
  • The desire to well and truly fuck me silly.

Those are the most important requirements for my party but they aren’t the only things that I need to consider. 

Thanks to the wording of the law around porn/the adult industry, I also have to be very careful that I’m not getting someone into sex work as that’s a bit of a no no from the legal side of things. Which means that all of my guests have to be pre-established sex workers with active and traceable work accounts. So the rando “John Smith” that’s keen on joining will have to have already made a profile on a few sites and uploaded content before I’m able to consider them as a potential guest.

The other important requirement for my party guests will be the ability to “perform” in front of others/under a certain amount of pressure and to work together as a team to greater or lesser extent. Look at us developing skills we can put on our CV’s haha! I’m not saying if you get a little bit of “stage fright” you’ll be kicked out, I’m saying that you have to be realistic about your ability to be naked and to fuck in front of other people and whilst being recorded.

I was going to leave this out as I would hope that it’s obvious in this day and age however I’m aware that the UK has been getting more homophobic/transphobic in recent times so I wanted to make sure that I had it in black in white – anyone that wishes to join my party must be actively against homophobia/transphobia. I would love to have guests of all genders and sexualities but for that to be possible I need to make sure that I do my part to make my party safe and welcoming. That means that if you’ve posted/liked/shared/otherwise supported something/someone homophobic/transphobic then you will not be welcome at my party.

As part of giving consent to be filmed you will have to sign consent forms and provide a copy of your photographic ID. This means that I will have a copy of your legal name and ID, it also means that if this is a content share shoot – which it likely will be – that all of that information will be shared with all guests that plan to post the content. Of course if you’re already an established content creator then you already know about this and how the paperwork side of things works. So this is mostly just for the people that aren’t content creators but are excited by the idea of my party.

Another requirement (specifically because this is my birthday present to myself) that seems fairly obvious is that I have to like you enough to want you to fuck me. We don’t have to be best friends, we don’t have to have worked together before (but that would be great), I just need you to not be creepy and to have a good vibe.

That just about covers all of the requirements that I have for my potential party guests.

So to summarise the main requirements for my “party guests” are:

  • Aged 18+ (didn’t think I had to say it but wanted to make sure it’s written down just to be safe).
  • The ability/willingness to travel to Glasgow, Scotland.
  • STI Certs (for 3 consecutive months ideally).
  • Consent to be filmed and to have the filmed content posted online.
  • The desire to well and truly fuck me silly.
  • Pre-existing and active sex worker accounts.
  • Ability to perform under pressure/in front of others and to work as a team.
  • Actively against homophobia/transphobia.
  • Fully aware of what giving consent for filming means and comfortable with all aspects of it.
  • Not a creep and having general good vibes.

Still with me?

Now we’ve gone over the requirements for my party guests, let’s talk about the fun stuff! What will my party actually be like?

So for this I actually have a few different ideas but the common theme is that I want to be the absolute centre of attention. After all it is MY birthday party.

One scenario is to strap me into a breeding bench and to have 2 lines – one for using my mouth and one for using my pussy/ass. Throw on a blindfold for a little extra spice. Maybe leave my hands free enough that I can play with others that are waiting for their turn. But mainly it’s just about me being used like a good little fuck doll. And doesn’t that just sound amazing!

Another scenario is a bit more bukkake in style and as such would mostly be centred around party guests that had a penis. But it would basically have me in the middle desperately sucking, licking, wanking as many dicks as fast and as good as I can before being covered and I mean absolutely covered in cum. But that’s a little penis centric and I’d really like more variety.

So a different option would be to have my guests broken down into smaller groups of maybe 3 at a time and then have each trio do as they please with me before then passing me on to the next group. Giving me little to no time in between and having my brain just turn to mush that’s entirely focussed on sex. That sounds pretty hot right! But maybe it has too many people sitting around waiting their turn?

There is of course the slightly less selfish option for the party to just turn into a full on orgy and it be a free for all with everyone fucking everyone. Which does sound like a lot of fun…but…I do really really want to be the centre of attention for this…So I’ll have to keep thinking about this before I make a decision.

Another way to do things would be to split it up so that it’s not exactly a party so much as a full day (or maybe even a few days) event where people show up for certain time slots/activities and then leave after that part of the event is done. That would certainly make it easier to arrange specific types of things (like the bukkake scene) but would maybe detract a little from the overall hedonistic volume of it. 

Of course all of these scenarios and options will be entirely dependent on me finding enough “party guests”.

I do also have plenty of ideas for if the party ends up being a smaller affair but I’m going to aim/plan big as downsizing an event like this is way easier than upscaling it, I reckon.

I know that this has been quite a long blog post but I’m sure you’ll agree that I had lots of fun things to cover and that you wouldn’t want to miss out on the details haha.

Now that we’re getting to the end of this blog I bet the one question you’re desperate to ask is:

“Alice, how can I get my name on your list of possible party guests?”

And I’m so glad you asked!

If you are able to meet all of my requirements and would like to be considered as a party guest please follow the link at the end of this blog to submit your details. You can do this if you wish to be an active party guest (aka a performer being filmed) or if you’re happy to be more of a behind the scenes guest (filming, directing, hair & makeup, etc). You will be asked a fair few questions so that I have all of the info I need as quickly and conveniently as possible. 

You will get an email response to confirm that I have your details asap. I will also then email to say if you are successful or not – this will take some time. I always hate not knowing if I got a job/similar so I promise I will email you to tell you either way. You may also be asked for more details.

Be aware if you don’t fill in my form fully then you’ll immediately be less likely to be picked. This is going to be a lot of work for me so if you make it harder for me then I’m not going to be keen to invite you to the fun part.

Please feel free to ask questions if you have any. I’ll dedicate a section of my Alice’s Birthday Party 2023 page to begin the FAQ section and update it as regularly as necessary.

And I think that’s everything! ^_^

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am haha. Catch you next time x

Alice x

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