Celebrating 3,000 Followers on Twitter!

Hello my lovely humanoids x

Today’s blog is a little late in all honesty haha, I reached 3k followers on Twitter a little while ago but thanks to a combination of things I hadn’t been able to really celebrate the milestone yet.

But now I have a fabulous idea for how to celebrate and I think I’m back to being in a position to make it a reality!

So what’s my plan? I’m going to create (with the help of my wonderful fans) a brand new video which I will then post on all of my sites (where possible) for free!

But this isn’t just any old video, this video is going to be fan-chosen! What do I mean by that? I mean that everything about this video will be decided by my fans! The theme, the toys, the outfits! Everything will be selected via a series of polls by my fans ^_^

Isn’t that exciting!

But before we can get to the voting we need some suggestions and to make sure this is 100% fan inspired I’ll be taking suggestions via this google form to get things started. You’ll have until September 18th to submit your suggestions and then the polls will run until the end of September.

Then if all goes to schedule the celebration video will be released early in October!

So let’s get the fun started!

Alice x

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