Alice’s Holiday Wishlist Special Offer!

Happy Holiday Season lovelies! 

December is a month of change for me and I have a lot going on behind the scenes so I’m only going to be running one Holiday Season deal this year. This year’s special offer is nice and simple, you get something for me and I give you something nice in return.

By that I mean, if you buy an item off my home items Amazon wishlist or send me an Amazon gift card worth £10+ then I will send you some nice digital goodies in return. Please send all gift cards to

“What is something nice?” you might be wondering, well here’s a little teaser ;p

Anyone that buys me a gift or sends me a gift card will get my 2022 Holiday Photo Set which may or may not be featuring these cute new items I ordered at the start of the month…

But that won’t be all! Oh no, I’ll also be sure to add extra goodies depending on how much you’ve spoiled me. So, for example, if you buy me a basic item then you’ll get the photo set and some extra pics or if you buy me something more exciting then I’ll be sure to spoil you with something more exciting too – like a free video of your choice.

It should be a very fun exchange of gifts ;p

I’ll be sure to update my wishlist to include notes on which items I would most like or would find most exciting to help you out if you want to aim for a more exciting reward so make sure you check out the full list before making any decisions ( 

It is very important that when you buy a gift or send a gift card that you include your email or username so that I can contact you and send you nice things in return. If you don’t include a name, email or contact method I will assume the gift is freely given.

And if you don’t want to receive anything in return for your gift that’s fine too, just add a note or let me know that it’s freely given. If you don’t include a name, email or contact method I will assume the gift is freely given.

But if you’re not looking to take part in this deal and you just want to see my Holiday themed content be sure to head on over to my usual sites!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Alice x

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