What’s Changing In 2023? – 26.12.22

Hello everyone!

It’s almost the end of the year so of course it’s time to start getting excited about what will be happening in the new year!

Currently I don’t have too many solid plans but I do have some important changes to announce. These changes will be coming into effect from the 1st of January 2023 (unless otherwise stated) so be sure you pay attention!

In-Person Services

To start us off I have some very exciting news! I’ll once again be able to host in-person services in Hamilton (South Lanarkshire)! I will also be able to have more flexibility and availability whilst in Hamilton.

I will still have some dates in Glasgow City Centre but they will be less frequent. Advance bookings will get priority and are highly recommended.

I will also continue to have some availability in London, likely once per month whilst I go down to get my certs and attend shoots. Advanced bookings are recommended.

I’m also hoping to go on a few tours during 2023 so if you’d like me to tour somewhere near you be sure to get in touch.

Along with a new location, changing availability and the possibility of more touring there are also the overdue price increases/changes. I’m sure you’ve all been expecting this but I did try and hold off for as long as I could. 

Moving forward my Glasgow prices will increase by £20, my London prices will increase by £30 and my touring prices will vary depending on where I am. The good news is that I’m keeping my current rates for my Hamilton location! You can find a full breakdown of all my pricing on my website.

Monthly Subscription Sites

As you are probably already aware, I have quite a few different monthly subscription sites that I post on. The main ones being: ManyVids, AdmireMe, Fansly, Pocketstars, LoyalFans, JustForFans and less reliably OnlyFans as a PPV freebie account.

Since getting back on top of my daily posting I’ve realised how much extra time and effort running these sites takes and with that in mind I will be adjusting some of the pricing of them. 

Don’t worry the majority of my sites will be staying the same. There are just a few tweaks I plan to make.

JustForFans – will be increasing from $10/month to $30/month – the reason for this is that I’ve realised it’s far more work to upload videos as a single sale item than it is to just upload it as part of the subscription. So from the 1st of January 2023 the price will increase and all of my videos uploaded from that date onwards will be included in the subscription.

OnlyFans – will be switching from a Free/PPV account to a paid monthly subscription account. This is following on from a poll that I ran on my account in which the majority voted for it to be switched to a paid for subscription. I will set it to $10/month with videos being uploaded as PPV unless I decide otherwise.

FapHouse – I’ve decided to make more of an effort to engage with FapHouse and I’m going to experiment with it being primarily a video only subscription account. I’ll be setting the price to $20/month initially and will upload all of my videos to it starting from the 1st of January 2023.

It’s likely that I will also add some new sites as time goes on so always be sure to check out my website for updates and links.

Clip Stores

The more I delve into the professional porn industry the more clip sites I discover and begin to use, this isn’t going to change, I intend to continue finding and trying new sites as we move into 2023.

However my main sites will still be: ManyVids and Clips4Sale.

I will also be going through my existing videos and reducing the prices on videos from 2020 or older. I may even begin uploading some of my older content to free to view platforms (tube sites) but I haven’t fully decided on that just yet.

Other than that the main changes I want for 2023 is to get more content out more regularly. And to work on improving the quality of my content by upgrading my equipment and setup.

Cam Shows & Video Sessions

Over the course of 2022 I didn’t really have much time for cam shows but I did get a fair number of video session bookings, so in 2023 I’m going to aim to return to doing a once per month cam show – likely on ManyVids or Chaturbate – along with some more flexible and sporadic cam sessions on AdultWork.

I’m also hoping to make it easier for people to find the information they need about booking a video session with me and to make that a smoother process in general.

That likely means that I’ll be making some changes to that section of my website, so be sure to keep an eye out for that in 2023.

And More To Come!

Of course this is just the updates that I have for you right now, as the year begins and I get more plans solidified I’ll be sure to post updates.

As always my mailing list will get all of my news first (they also get regular discount codes and goodies), so be sure to sign up for that so you don’t miss out. Otherwise be sure to check back here as often as you can. I do try to post regular updates ^_^

And that’s all for now!

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year everyone!

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