Enjoy the prologue & Chapter 1!

Prologue – Getting Ready

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Kelly had gone through her wardrobe twice, dug through her lingerie umpteen times and still had no idea what she should wear. Tamma would be here to pick her up at 8pm which was somehow only an hour away now. Panicking just a little she read back over Tamma’s text about what the dress code was.

“Wear something sexy, a bit more daring than standard night out clothes. Oooh that super cute bralette you got ages ago would be perfect! Fishnets are always good. Just wear something fun x”

Kelly sighed, “something fun” was apparently not an outfit she had. The bralette was cute but she couldn’t just wear that and no top…she was nowhere near that brave. She did have fishnet tights and she had a pair of black pleather shorts that she always liked to wear. So all she had to figure out was what top she had that would suit a kink night in a club in the city centre…


Alice was crouched in front of the mirror, trying to focus on doing her eyeliner whilst her friends positioned themselves in the free space of the mirror around her. The group Puppy was hard at work polishing her latex dress, taking plenty of time as he rubbed over her ass. Alice just rolled her eyes and laughed along with her friends.

She loved when they all got ready together before kink nights, it always put her in the best mood.

Standing in front of the mirror as Puppy hurriedly finished rubbing over the dress, she smiled. The latex dress clung to her – as you’d expect from latex – squeezing her giant tits together and giving them just a little bit of bounce as she walked. Tonight would be a good night, she could feel it.

Chapter 1 – Newbies & Regulars

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Kelly was clinging to Tamma’s arm as they were waved in by security. She was terrified but curious. Tamma just lagged and squeezed her hand.

“You’re going to be fine, everyone is super friendly and you’ve got me.” she laughed as she led Kelly down the hallway to a lounge room.

Booths made up the left side of the room, allowing private spaces for people to hide away in. Whether to chat or to get up to mischief, either seemed perfectly acceptable as Kelly spotted a guy kissing and licking at a ladies feet, whilst she continued chatting to the woman next to her. Tamma pulled her to the right, the seating was more open although people didn’t let that stop them. Hands were wandering all over the place and Kelly was quick to look away and blush.

Tamma took them to a group of people and introduced Kelly. Overwhelmed but not wanting to appear rude, she did her best to catch everyone’s names and smiled as brightly as she could.

“Give me your coat, I’ll put it in the cloakroom with mine and get us a drink.” Tamma said to her as Kelly perched on a couch trying to take in her surroundings.

Kelly bit her lip and hesitantly removed her coat. She’d found a mesh top that she had bought online not realising it was mesh and therefore see through but hadn’t sent it back because she got anxious about returning things.

“Damn girl!” Tamma exclaimed, grinning, “That’s hot as fuck! Way to go!” she quickly leaned down to hug Kelly as she took the coat and scampered off to the cloakroom.

Alone, surrounded by strangers and feeling far more exposed than she was used to, Kelly continued to perch on the couch. Psyching herself up to look around and then try and interact with someone. Taking deep breaths she turned her attention to the room. Starting in the far right corner, where people were standing and drinking. Someone was on their knees being petted but other than that it seemed like a fairly typical group on a night out. Next was a couple making out on one of the couches – one of the guys had his hand around the others throat but that seemed fine. No one around them seemed worried, so Kelly tried to just take it in and move on. The next group was just three girls in lingerie, teasing some guys on the couch across from them. Kissing and licking each other, squeezing each other’s tits and slapping their asses. Kelly blushed and looked away.

“Calm down.” she muttered to herself, forcing herself to look back over at the girls. They were all really pretty but completely different. One was very skinny, the other a bit more curvy and the 3rd was very muscular and toned. Kelly hadn’t seen such a diverse group of girls in lingerie in  person. But she knew she should keep looking around so she turned her attention to the next table over, it just had a guy sitting on his phone. He looked up every so often as if he were looking for someone. The other tables were mostly just people being social, chatting and drinking.

The booths were a different story altogether and Kelly was far too curious about them to stay on her seat where she couldn’t see in. She wanted to know what was going on. She wanted to see…and maybe…maybe she could join in.

After nervously informing the group Tamma had left her with that she was going to look around Kelly started making her way towards the booths. Getting many friendly smiles as she caught people’s eye on the way. She smiled back a little awkwardly and continued to blush.

It was quieter at the booths, the music and chatter seemed further away. Taking a deep breath she walked to the first standing table, from there she could see into the first two booths. The man that had been kissing the woman’s feet was now on his hands and knees in front of the two women. They were using him as a footstool and judging from how hard his dick was, he was loving it. The next booth over had a girl with cat ears on her head pawing at a cat toy on a string as the guy holding the toy smiled and petted her head. After a minute or so of pawing at the toy, the man put it down and tugged on the girl’s choker – pulling her down onto all fours. Then he started running his hand up and down her back as he moved to kneel in front of her. Lifting her skirt and rubbing against her panties the guy smiled as she squirmed slightly before pushing into his hand. Her own hands moving to undo his jeans. Kelly began to blush and turned to move to the next table.

The next table had a guy standing drinking but Kelly was doing her best to stay brave so she wandered over to it and smiled timidly at the guy, “Is it ok if I stand here for a bit? It’s the first time I’ve been to something like this and I’m just trying to get used to it.”

They guy had been watching a girl getting flogged so just smiled and nodded to Kelly before turning back to watch the booth.

The girl had been bent over the table, her dress pulled up to show off her ass and a guy was standing behind her hitting her ass with a flogger. Kelly could smell how worked up the woman was from where she was standing. It made her blush and left her feeling a bit worked up herself. She watched in awe as the man continued to hit the woman’s ass. Turning it a darker shade of red as he went, before the woman eventually held her hand up to signal she wanted him to stop. At which point he put his implements aside, went over to her and bent down to whisper to her as he rubbed her very red ass. The woman started moaning as his hand moved over her ass, gripping a little, running his nails over the tender skin and eventually pushing aside the woman’s thong. Kelly must have turned as red as the woman’s ass as she watched the man begin fingering the woman as she lay bent across the table for anyone to see.

“Quite a show for your first time, eh?” the guy next to her whispered.

Kelly jumped a little, she’d gotten so focussed on what was happening in the booth she had forgotten about the guy she was sharing the standing table with.

The guy laughed quietly, “Sorry, didn’t mean to spook you.”

Kelly laughed awkwardly, “It’s ok, I was just a bit, erm distracted.” she laughed nervously.

The guy raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Well, if you liked that kind of distraction I might have an idea for someone you should meet. Seeing as it’s your first time here. Would you like me to introduce you?”

Kelly wasn’t sure what she should do but Tamma had said everyone would be friendly so it seemed rude to turn down an introduction, even if you hadn’t been introduced to the person that wanted to introduce you to someone. “Sure.” she stammered after what felt like a lifetime.

The guy smiled again and waved for Kelly to follow him, “My name’s Jake by the way.” he said as he led the way past the booths.

“I’m Kelly.” she replied, trying to catch a glimpse of each booth as they walked past. There were more people hitting each other, more people playing with each other. It was so much to take in but Jake was keeping them moving so Kelly barely had time to register what was happening.

They stopped outside the final booth, the one that was basically just the full back end of the room. There were three distinct groups that Kelly could make out: the one on the left where there was a guy being tied up, the one on the right where a guy was running some kind of device over a woman wearing a blindfold and a group in middle which seemed to be mostly socialising with a lot of touching and petting going on.

The middle group cheered as Jake stepped into the booth, clearly they were welcoming him back. Kelly hovered just outside of the booth whilst Jake said hello and gave hugs. After a moment he beckoned her over.

“Kelly, I’d like to introduce you to Alice.” He smiled, holding his hand out to a girl in a skin tight blue dress, helping her to break free of the group. She was wearing platform high heels and stood taller than both Jake and Kelly. Her tits were huge and at the perfect height for Kelly to be unable to stop herself from staring at them.

“Nice to meet you Kelly. Jake said it’s your first time at a kink event?” Alice smiled brightly but with a small glint in her eyes. Clearly having noticed Kelly staring at her tits.

Kelly blushed, “Yeah, uhm, my friend Tamma brought me but I’ve never been to anything like this before.”

“Tamma! Oh she’s lovely.” Alice exclaimed, “You’ll be fine if you’ve got her to keep you right. Do you want to come and sit with us for a bit or are you wanting to meet up with Tamma just now?”

“No, come and sit with us for a bit!” Jake demanded, before Kelly had a chance to respond. Grabbing both girls by their arms and gently shoving them towards an open space on the bench. Alice just laughed as they all landed on the bench with a soft thud and Kelly tried to relax and enjoy herself too.

“Well if you’re going to force our company on her, you might as well go and get her a drink.” Alice teased Jake.

Jake rolled his eyes, “Fine! Kelly, what do you drink?”

“Vodka coke.” Kelly answered without thinking.

“Oh and get me a drink whilst you’re up!” Alice chimed in.

Jake rolled his head but nodded and turned to head off to the bar.

“He didn’t have to get me a drink, I’ll give him the money for it.” Kelly stammered, realising she’d just let a total stranger be bullied into buying her a drink.

Alice laughed, “Oh don’t worry about it sweet pea. So tell me about yourself? What are you into? What made you curious enough to come along to a kink night?” Alice leaned back, crossing one leg over the other and looking at Kelly expectantly.

Her tits looked amazing. Kelly struggled to look Alice in the eye. They were just so big and now that they were sitting under a light Kelly realised the dress was transparent and that she could see Alice’s pierced nipples perfectly.

Kelly forced herself to look Alice in the eye, blushing as Alice’s smile turned more towards a smirk of amusement. “I guess I just got curious after Tamma talking about how much fun she had on these nights. Plus she’d been trying to get me to tag along for a while now, I just never felt brave enough for it I guess.” She looked away, trying to catch her breath. Why was her heart beating so fast?

“I see,” Alice leaned forward and gently took Kelly’s chin, lifting her face to look at her. “So what are you into Kelly? What gets you excited?”

Kelly swallowed, staring into Alice’s eyes as her face was being held in place she felt utterly helpless, “I really like big tits…” she whispered.

Alice released her face and leant back giggling, “Well that’s a start.” She shook her head a little as she smiled at Kelly. “So what do you like about big tits? Do you just like to stare at them? Do you like watching people play with them?” she said, moving her hands to gently stroke over her own tits.

Kelly blushed and nodded dumbly. Feeling her heart speed up again.

Alice grinned, “Would you like to play with my tits Kelly?”

Before Kelly could answer Alice had taken Kelly’s hands and pushed them against her tits. Kelly gasped and Alice just laughed. 

Keeping her hands on top of Kelly’s and guiding her to move and squeeze her tits Alice whispered, “That’s it.”. Kelly moved closer and started to move her hands on her own. “That’s a girl, get a good feel. Squeeze them, stroke them and if you’re good maybe I’ll let you suck on them.” Alice teased.

Kelly was losing her mind. Alice’s tits were so soft and warm, even through the latex. They were huge! Even when she moved both hands to one breast she still couldn’t cover the whole area. She could feel her own nipples getting hard and her pussy getting wet as she continued to grope Alice’s tits. Fantasising about pulling Alice’s dress down and sucking on her tits.

Alice began to let out very soft moans as Kelly continued groping her breasts. Especially when Kelly focussed on teasing her nipples, stroking them, pinching them then going back to squeezing her breasts before starting all over again. Alice bit her lip as she felt her own pussy getting wet. Enjoying watching Kelly get so worked up just from getting to grope her tits. Alice knew this girl would be a very fun play thing to train as she allowed herself to just relax and begin moaning louder, not caring that they’d begun to draw a crowd.

Kelly was so focussed on Alice’s tits that she didn’t realise a crowd had formed around them. Her hands were greedy. Her pussy dripping. She whined slightly as she got more and more worked up from playing with Alice’s tits. 

Alice’s moans switched to a chuckle, “Are you all worked up my pet?” she said, placing her hands on top of Kelly’s and holding them in place.

Kelly looked up, distraught that she’d been stopped and then immediately embarrassed by how desperate she was to keep playing with Alice’s tits.

Alice grinned, “Aww, don’t worry sweet pea, I’m not stopping your fun.” She reached to the back of her neck and unclipped the straps of her dress, taking a moment to rub her neck before slowly peeling the dress down away from her tits. “I did promise to let you suck them if you were good, didn’t I?” she teased.

The crowd was also murmuring with excitement but Kelly barely noticed. Her pussy was throbbing, she’d never seen tits these big in person before. Now not only had she gotten to grope them but she was allowed to suck on them too. She didn’t waste a second before moving even closer, practically straddling Alice, and starting to suck on her left nipple whilst fondling her right breast with her left hand. 

Alice moaned loudly and slipped her own right hand down between her legs and started fingering herself. Her pussy was wet enough that she knew everyone in the crowd would be able to not only hear her fingering herself but smell her dripping wet pussy too. Kelly seemed to get even more turned on by Alice fingering herself, she started sucking and lapping at Alice’s tits more desperately and struggling to nervously move her own hand to play with herself. Alice smiled, leant in close to Kelly’s ear and whispered, “Would you like me to play with your pussy?”

Kelly’s heart was racing, it almost felt like it would burst out of her chest, she pulled away from Alice’s nipple just long enough to nod vigorously and get drool all down her own chin.

Alice giggled then pushed Kelly back onto the seat, straddling her so that Kelly could still suck on her tits whilst Alice easily undid Kelly’s shorts and slipped her hand down her panties. Delighting in how warm and wet Kelly’s pussy was and moaning as Kelly’s sucking intensified as she began fingering her. 

The two girls were moaning loudly, each playing the other perfectly. Kelly’s mouth worked Alice’s tits whilst her hand had moved between Alice’s legs and was fingering her wet pussy. The crowd was loving it. Kelly was getting so wet she knew she wouldn’t last much longer. “Alice…I’m getting really…really close to…I think I’m going to…” Kelly panted between lapping at Alice’s tits and squirming from how worked Alice was getting her from just fingering her.

“Don’t you dare cum until you’ve made me cum, not after I’ve been so nice to you.” Alice almost hissed in Kelly’s ear, fingering Kelly even faster and pushing her tits further into her face. 

Kelly tried to nod but mostly just drooled over Alice’s tits. She did her best to speed up her fingering but felt at a real disadvantage since she didn’t have as much experience fingering other girls as Alice’s seemed to have. Yet her hard work seemed to be paying off. As Kelly lost herself to sucking Alice’s tits and fingering her pussy she felt Alice tensing and her moaning growing louder and higher in pitch before Alice whispered, “Oh fuck…” and her entire body tensed and squirmed on top of Kelly.

Alice was smiling broadly as she shivered all over and leant in to kiss Kelly. “Ok, now you can cum.” Alice puffed as she focused on fingering Kelly again.

Kelly had been on the edge for so long that just hearing Alice give her permission sent her over the edge. She heard her own moans turn shrill as her body twitched and spasmed around Alice’s fingers. The two girls sat panting and smiling at each other for a few moments before Alice leant in and kissed Kelly again.

“That was fun, you should keep in touch pet. I think we could get up to some great mischief together” Alice said as she fixed her dress and moved off of Kelly, waving to her friends as the crowd slowly moved on. “Tamma has my number, ask her for it later. Right now it looks like she’s dying to talk to you.” Alice giggled and walked away as Tamma rushed forward grinning at Kelly.

“Oh my god Kelly!” Tamma grabbed Kelly by the shoulders, “I didn’t expect you to get so involved on your first visit to a kink club!” she laughed as she sat next to Kelly.

Kelly was still floating and barely managed to nod as Tamma kept talking. All she could think about was the way it had felt to be sucking on Alice’s tits as she came.


—– End Chapter 1 —–