If you’d like to see Alice for a Companion/Escort session then this page has all of the information you need. Please read it fully before completing the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Now that I’ve had all three doses of the vaccine (2 vaccine & 1 booster) I’ve returned to in person services. Please be aware that if I do not receive enough advance bookings there is a possibility that I will cancel my scheduled trips.

I offer a range of services, such as: GFE, light BDSM sessions, full BDSM sessions, lunch/dinner dates and general sessions. If you are looking for something specific please ask directly.

I tend to work in Glasgow, but I’ll make it clear on my schedule section of this page where I am working.

Deposits are highly encouraged and mandatory for advance bookings, if you are not willing to pay a deposit please do not message me in advance. Pricing is different for on the day and non-deposit bookings, please see below. Pricing is also different when I am in different locations.

See below for payment options for your deposit. I will not provide the location’s address until I have received the deposit. Please be aware that I have the potential to move around and may not work from the same location multiple times in a row.

The deposit will be £20 as long as your booking is 2 hours or less – this will vary depending on which city you visit Alice in. Deposits count towards your total payment, so if you book an hour then you send £20 deposit and pay £120 when you arrive.

Alice may request a deposit for your meetings, this could be regardless of how long they are or how many times you may have seen her and is entirely at her discretion.

This is a brief list of payment options for your deposit:

  • CashApp
  • Bank Transfer
  • A tip sent on one of Alice’s premium sites (OnlyFans, AdmireMe, etc)
  • Gift cards (Airbnb, Waterstones, Body Shop, Amazon, etc)
  • Making a donation on Alice’s JustGiving page

Alice can not accept payments via PayPal.

If you would like to see the complete list of payment options please visit Alice’s Deposit Policy page.

Alice’s pricing will change depending on which city she is working from.

Please check the pricing of the city you wish to see her in by clicking the name of the city below. If you don’t see the name of the city that you would like to visit Alice in then please contact her directly.

All pricing is for incalls only. Alice doesn’t currently offer outcalls.

Please also be aware that some services may incur additional charges if requested on the day instead of being requested in advance as instructed.


For those that book in advance and pay a deposit:

Appointment LengthCost
Lunch/Dinner dates£60 + expenses (food, drink, taxis, etc)
Half hour£90
Forty five minutes£120
1 Hour£140
1 Hour and 30 minutes£230
2 Hours£290
2 Hours and 30 minutes£380
3 Hours£440
LongerPlease ask

For those that book on the day – regardless of if there is a deposit paid or not:

Appointment LengthCost
Lunch/Dinner dates£70 + expenses (food, drink, taxis, etc)
Fifteen minutes£60 (may not always be available)
Half hour£100
Forty five minutes£120
1 Hour£150
1 Hour and 30 minutes£240
2 Hours£300
2 Hours and 30 minutes£390
3 Hours£450
LongerPlease ask

For those that book in advance and pay a deposit:

Appointment LengthCost
Lunch/Dinner dates£60 + expenses (food, drink, taxis, etc)
Half hour£110
Forty five minutes£140
1 Hour£190
1 Hour and 30 minutes£260
2 Hours£390
2 Hours and 30 minutes£460
3 Hours£590
LongerPlease ask

For those that book on the day – regardless of if there is a deposit paid or not bookings must be a minimum time of 1 hour and priority will be given to longer bookings:

Appointment LengthCost
Lunch/Dinner dates£70 + expenses (food, drink, taxis, etc)
1 Hour£200
1 Hour and 30 minutes£300
2 Hours£400
2 Hours and 30 minutes£470
3 Hours£600
LongerPlease ask

These are optional extras that you can add on to your booking, they may not always be available so be sure to book in advance if you want to guarantee that you can have extras.

If you are looking for something that isn’t listed here please ask Alice directly.


Filming £100/hour – if you would like to film our session I can arrange that. I will film using my own devices, I will then edit the filmed footage and add my watermark to the final video before sending it on to you (this can take up to 4 weeks). You will not have permission to post this video publicly or to share it privately (unless arranged for an additional fee of £50). It will be entirely for your own use. You will also need to provide a copy of your photographic ID and sign a consent form in order to meet filming rules in the UK.

New outfits/costumes/toys £50 – £100+ – the price of this will depend entirely on your request. If you request an outfit/costume/toy that I do not own then you will have the option of covering the cost for it. You must do this in advance.

Latex, Corsets or High Value/Effort items £30 – If you would like me to wear an item of clothing that is of high value or requires a considerate amount of effort to get in and out of as well as care for then I will ask for an additional fee to cover the time and value of the item.

Buying my panties/tights/etc £60 – if you want to purchase the underwear/lingerie that I have worn during our session that can be arranged at short notice but advance notice is preferred so I know how much to pack. If you ask on the day I can’t guarantee this will be available.

Heavy BDSM Session £80-£100+ – If you are looking for a more intense BDSM session there is an additional charge. This is for those looking to be allowed to leave marks and other things that are not permitted during general BDSM sessions. Please contact Alice for details.

Watersports (on the client) £30 – If you would like to participate in some watersports fun then you will need to let me know in advance and it will incur an additional fee to cover the clean up. This is only available for clients to receive from Alice, it is not an option for clients to do to Alice.

On The Day Anal £50 – If you request anal on the day without giving the 24 hours notice that Alice requests then you will be charged an additional £50.

To view my schedule simply click on the month you are interested in and you will then be shown the dates that I have scheduled for that month as well as the city where I will be working from.

Please note: If there are no dates showing here it means that I do not have anything scheduled. Keep an eye on my blog, join my mailing list or follow me on social media to join in conversations around when I will be likely to next be available.

September 2022

Monday 5th (London)

Tuesday 6th (London)

Wednesday 7th (London)

Thursday 8th (London)


Tuesday 13th (Glasgow)

Wednesday 14th (Glasgow)


Tuesday 20th (Glasgow)

Wednesday 21st (Glasgow)


Tuesday 27th (Glasgow)

Wednesday 28th (Glasgow)


October 2022

Monday 3rd (London)

Tuesday 4th (London)

Wednesday 5th (London)

Thursday 6th (London)

Friday 7th (London)


Tuesday 11th (Glasgow)

Wednesday 12th (Glasgow)


Tuesday 18th (Glasgow)

Wednesday 19th (Glasgow)


Tuesday 25th (Glasgow)

Wednesday 26th (Glasgow)


** Not Confirmed ** Monday 31st (London)

November 2022

To be announced.

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A Note On Health Concerns


Despite having now had my third dose of the vaccine I will still be being very cautious whilst taking bookings.

I strongly encourage you to take a rapid flow COVID19 test the morning of our session and would appreciate if you could send me a photo of your results, I will post my own test results on my social media each week so you can see that I am also negative.

You will be asked to shower upon arrival (this will count as part of your session time), clean towels, soap and everything you need will be provided. Plus it’s always a much nicer session if we’re both shower fresh x

All bed linen, towels and anything that I wear during a session will be washed after our session. So if you have a specific outfit that you would like me to wear be sure to let me know in advance so I can ensure it’s available for our session.

I will still be offering French kissing/kissing but will ask you to use mouthwash whilst showering.

I do not offer owo or any unprotected services.

If I get a positive COVID19 result within a week of our session I will send you a message to let you know.


Cases of monkeypox are on the rise in the UK. Please do not make a booking if you have developed any new spots/rashes and please seek medical advice.

As with COVID if I develop monkeypox symptoms within a week of our booking I will contact you to alert you to this.

I will be aiming to get the monkeypox vaccine as soon as possible and I recommend everyone that is able to should do the same.

Common Colds/Flu/Minor Illnesses

Although the common cold, regular flu and other minor illnesses are not a major health concern I would still prefer that anyone that is feeling at all unwell does not visit me as I do not want to potentially be responsible for spreading a cold to multiple people plus I don’t get sick pay when I have to take time off x

Make A Booking

Thank you for taking the time to read through all of that information. I really appreciate when someone takes their time and pays attention to the efforts I put into my work.

Please use the below contact form to make a booking. If you leave any of the boxes blank I will be less likely to respond.

This form will send an email directly to Alice and she will then respond by email. If you have not filled in all of the sections Alice may prioritise other messages over yours.

You can email Alice directly without using this form but the form is recommended to ensure that you include all relevant information and speed up the booking process.

Please email: bookings@asking-alice.com

Text Me

If you are looking to book on the day/the same week, please TEXT me: 07542175349

Include the date, time and length of booking you would like. Feel free to edit this example message.

“Hello Alice,

My name is EXAMPLE. I would like to see you on DATE, at TIME, for DURATION.

I would prefer to pay my deposit by CashApp/Bank Transfer/another method from your payment options (select one).”

You can also view Alice’s profile on AdultWork but please be aware Alice prioritises direct messages and doesn’t check her AW account as often.