If you’re of a particular persuasion then you might be ready to worship Alice for the Goddess that She is.

Alice is looking to have a group of 10 paypigs and 5 retweet slaves. When the pandemic ends She’ll also be providing in person worshipping sessions.

If you’re curious and want to have a taste of what it’s like to worship Her then you can purchase some of Her online services.

Text Chat – £1 minute (minimum 5 mins)

Video Call – £2/minute (minimum 10 mins)

Dick Rating – £20 (you get a video rating)

Chastity Arrangements

Want to become Her paypig?

If you’re addicted to everything that Alice does, if you’re consumed by the though of Her and you’re ready to take your devotion to the next level and to worship Her as She deserves then you may be able to earn a spot as one of her paypigs.

Use the form below to register your interest in becoming Alice’s newest paypig and be prepared to send tribute if you’re fortunate enough to be contacted.

Not ready to commit to being Her paypig but still want to send Her tribute? Be sure to check out your options on this page.