Alice can create custom photo bundles to suit the majority of tastes. With an ever growing collection of sex toys, props and costumes, Alice is bound to be able to create something you’ll absolutely adore.

When it comes to custom photo bundles you have two options. You can either opt for Alice’s self shot photo bundles or you can treat yourself and splurge on Alice’s professionally shot photo bundles. See below for more information on the two options.

Self Shot Photo Bundles

This is Alice’s standard option and has been enjoyed by many different clients. Alice self shoots the majority of her content and as such you can see the quality that she produces by checking out any of her websites (including here).

When ordering a custom photo bundle please try to give as much information as you can so that Alice can create exactly what you’re looking for.

For example, if you ask Alice to show off her ass but don’t add any other requests then you will get a bundle of photos that are just different angles of Alice’s ass but if you ask for Alice to show off her ass whilst changing panties after every photo and from a certain angle then you’ll get a much more specific selection of pictures.


The basic cost of a self shot custom photo bundle is £2/picture.

10 picture bundle = £20

20 picture bundle = £40

Any new toys/props/costumes that you request will also add to the price and will add to the wait time for the delivery of the photos.

Delivery Time

Alice will usually take up to four weeks to take the photos, do very small edits (adding her watermark) and then send them on to you.

If you have requested new toys/props/costumes the delivery time will likely be increased.

If Alice becomes ill and is unable to complete your photo set on time she will contact you as soon as she is able to.


When you buy a custom photo set from Alice you get to enjoy being the only and exclusive viewer of that photo set for a limited amount of time.

You do not have the right/Alice’s consent to re-sell the photos that you purchase from Alice. You do not have the right/Alice’s consent to share the pictures you purchase from Alice in public or private spaces.

For the self shot photo bundles you get to enjoy being the only person to see those photos for three months after they are sent to you. After the three months have passed Alice will then post those photos for sale or for general viewing as she sees fit. You can also chose to waive the three month period and allow Alice to upload the photos sooner.

You can extend the length of time that you get to be the only viewer of the photo bundle. Alice will allow you to extend exclusivity for an additional £10/month but this must be agreed at least 14 days before the end of your current exclusive period.

Professionally Shot Photo Bundles

More info coming soon.