Do you like Alice’s content but can’t find what you’re craving? Or maybe you want to get a video that’s a bit more personal? Why not get yourself a custom video!

Want To Order Custom Videos?

Leave your name (doesn’t have to be your real name, I just want to have something to call you), email and a description of what kind of video you want.

General Pricing:


£40/name used

£15 to squirt (Order must be 5 minutes minimum)

£xx new costume or accessory (you will be charged however much it costs me)

Some things will cost extra so please be as specific when requesting your video so I can give you an accurate price straight away x

Important Information

Custom orders will be exclusive to the individual that orders them for 2 months after the date that they receive them. If the individual would like to have the exclusivity time period extended they must get in touch 2 weeks before the end of the 2 months. Extending the exclusivity period will cost £40/month. After the exclusivity period ends the video will then be made available for public purchase.

Custom orders that include personal names will never be made available for public purchase and because of this the cost of them is significantly higher.