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Chapter 1 – A Gift Of Mischief

Alice had been working at the new company for about a month now and was really starting to feel like part of the team. All of the staff were super friendly and her boss was so considerate, he always made time to come and check in on her and made sure she was always comfortable. He’d brought her a delicious smoothie this morning which had left her in such a great mood. The only problem was that her mind kept wandering to things that definitely weren’t appropriate for work.

She’d caught herself absentmindedly playing with her nipples three times in the past half hour and her hand hand been wandering dangerously close to her inner thigh whilst she’d been on hold to someone…This really wasn’t like her, she wondered what it was that had gotten her so worked up…

“Alice!” her Boss called out as he strolled down the hallway towards her, smiling brightly as he leant up against the side of her desk. “How has your day been so far? Did you like the smoothie?”

Alice returned his smile but felt her cheeks warming and had to fight the urge to fidget in her seat as she replied, “Yes, thank you, it was delicious.” she could feel her panties getting wet and her nipples were so hard it was impossible that her boss hadn’t noticed them.

“Good! I’m glad you liked it, I had it made specially for you.” His eyes wandered noticeably to her chest and his smile turned slightly more mischievous. “How have you been feeling?”

Alice was blushing like mad and did her best to pull her cardigan over her chest, “I’ve been feeling a little funny actually but I’m sure that’ll pass.” she did her best to keep a calm smile. Trying to ignore how happy her boss seemed at her being so obviously flustered.

Her Boss smirked before quickly diverting her attention to her computer, “Could you check something on my schedule for next week please?”

Glad to have his attention elsewhere Alice smiled and turned to face the computer, quickly pulling up her Boss’ schedule, “What would you like me to check?” she asked as he moved to lean over her to look at the screen.

“If you just skip along to next week,” he said, pointing to the screen with one hand whilst reaching the other around to gently stroke Alice’s left breast, taking his time to circle her nipple before continuing to play with her, “I just want to check what meetings I have scheduled before lunch each day.”

Alice froze. She had no idea what to do. Her Boss was fondling her breast as she sat at her desk, in full view of anyone that walked into the building. Trying to gently push his hand away she stammered, “Sir that’s not really appropriate..” but he simply pulled her hand away with his free hand and started to squeeze a little harder. She couldn’t help but moan slightly in response, her entire body was aching for him to continue…to go further…

“Surely you’ve realised by now, Alice, what makes that smoothie so special?” He dropped her now unresisting hand and began fondling her right breast as well.”I have a friend who supplies some top quality aphrodisiacs and he’s always happy to send me samples. So I figured you could help me test them out, seeing as you’ve been such a great help so far.” 

Alice gasped but couldn’t stop quiet moans from escaping her lips as he continued to play with her. Her panties were wet enough now that she could smell them. She clamped her legs shut, embarrassed and terrified that someone could walk in at any moment. She couldn’t believe her Boss had drugged her! But it did explain why she’d suddenly been feeling so horny. The aphrodisiacs must be pretty strong to have gotten her into this mess. Alice bit her lip to try and muffle the moaning.

Her Boss chuckled, “Although I may have gotten a little excited and used double the recommended dose, so maybe it was a bit strong for a first test.” Alice gasped as he pinched both her nipples hard. “Your reaction is superb, Alice. And you smell delicious…” she could almost hear the smirk as he leaned down to whisper into her ear.”Why don’t you put those fingers of yours to good use, let me see you play with yourself whilst you’re all flustered from these pills.”

Alice shook her head, unable to speak for fear of moaning loudly enough for someone to notice.

Her Boss just chuckled in response before whispering, “Well if you’d rather I fingered you then that’s fine too.”his hands began moving down to her legs, lifting her skirt and moving slowly over the top of her panties, Alice shuddered and tried not to push herself against his hand. 

Just as he was about to push her panties aside Alice found her voice, “I’ll do it.”she stammered. 

Her Boss retracted his hands and began playing with her breasts again, “Good girl Alice.”

Alice was trembling as she moved her hand between her thighs, gently stroking her pussy over the top of her panties. Her eyes darting between the windows, the main door and the corridor.

“You had best hurry up Alice, before someone comes along.” Her Boss teased, pinching her nipples again.

She gasped and pushed aside her panties, letting 2 fingers sink into her soaking wet pussy.Pushing them in and out whilst covering her mouth with her free hand so she didn’t make too much noise. All the while she could feel her Boss’ hard cock pressing against her shoulder and hear his breathing grow heavier as she continued to finger herself. Pushing faster and faster, grinding against herself in her chair as her Boss continued to play with her. After what seemed like far too long she felt herself getting closer, her body tensing in anticpation, her Boss could feel it too…

“Alice you had better cum for me right now, I want to see you cum whilst I play with your tits where anyone could watch you.” 

She was trembling and far too worked up to care about someone seeing her anymore. Biting her own hand hard as she came Alice slumped back in her chair as her Boss finally let go of her breasts.

Standing up and adjusting himself, her Boss returned to the bright and cheerful tone he’d had initially, “Excellent work Alice, be sure to come and see me in my office at the end of the day for your report.” and with a final smirk he walked back down the corridor.

Alice was trembling as she got herself looking presentable again and tried to process what had just happened. Not that she got much of a chance though, the phone began ringing less than a minute later and then she had to get on with the rest of her day. Dreading what her Boss had in store for her at the end of the day.


The end of the day had arrived and Alice was stood outside her Boss’ door, debating whether she should be knocking it or running for the hills. She was still quite flustered and because of how rough her Boss had been with her, her nipples had been ridiculously sensitive all day. She’d even went to the bathroom and gotten herself off 3 more times before the day had ended. She was sure anyone that got close to her could smell that her panties were soaked through. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Her Boss called from the other side.

Biting her lip and trying to steady herself Alice turned the handle and walked in.

“Alice! Thank you for coming along. Have a seat, I’d like to discuss our trial from earlier with you and give you your full report.” He said whilst standing and moving to pull out the seat in front of his desk for her.

Alice was blushing and couldn’t bear to make eye contact with him as she quickly took the seat offered to her. She could feel her pussy throbbing, desperate for another round and the friction from her shirt had gotten her nipples hard again.

“Your response to the double dose was fantastic, perhaps we should see how the single dose is for comparison but ultimately I think I’ll be keeping you on the double dose as we move forward.” 

Alice blinked with her jaw hanging open, unable to process what she was hearing.

“I’ll have some improvements made to your desk – adjusting camera angles, maybe a pager? – but we’ll worry about that later.” Her Boss continued, seeming not to notice her shock, “I have to tell you I’m glad it went so smoothly.” he frowned a little, “Well apart from your initial hesitation to play with yourself but I suppose that should have been expected. Given that your desk is so visible, no matter how horny you were I imagine you’d always be a little hesitant to begin with. And that’s fine!” he reassured her, smiling brightly as he perched on the edge of his desk. 

Less than arms length away from Alice, she couldn’t avoid noticing her Boss’ hard dick pressed against his trousers. She tried her best not to stare and to pull herself together, she needed to say something. She couldn’t just let him use her as his personal sexual guinea pig.”Sir, I really think this whole situation is entirely inappropriate and honestly I was this close to running out the door and emailing my notice this afternoon.” Alice blurted as her Boss sat smiling at her.

He chuckled softly, “Oh Alice, forgive me, I forgot to tell you the best part. Well best part for you that is.” he leant forward and tilted her chin up so she was looking him in the eyes, “You’ll be getting your pay doubled for your participation in my trials as well as receiving the occasional gift from me. Plus I’ll be fair more lenient about how many breaks you take…” he smirked, “As long as the breaks meet certain requirements but don’t worry we’ll discuss that later.”

Alice’s head was spinning, double her pay? That was ridiculous! She couldn’t accept a pay rise in return for becoming her Boss’ sex toy…could she…?

Whilst she was struggling to get her thoughts in order her Boss moved his hand from her chin to her breasts and began fondling them. Moving to stand directly in front of her, trapping her on the chair as he began roughly pinching her nipples and groping her breasts.

Alice yelped in surprise and made a feeble attempt to push her Boss away from her but she was already too worked up and now that he’d started she didn’t really want him to stop. She moaned quietly as he flicked her nipples and timidly began stroking his thigh.

“You can be as loud as you want now Alice, it’s just us. And I certainly wouldn’t be upset if you wanted to stroke my dick rather than my thigh.” He smirked, pushing her legs open with his and stepping between them so that his dick was directly in front of her face. He let one hand slide down between her legs, smiling with satisfaction upon feeling how wet her panties were before easily pushing them aside and plunging into her dripping wet pussy.

Alice’s breath caught in her throat as she gasped, his fingers entering had sent sparks along her body. She could feel herself grinding against him and desperately stroking his dick as she caught her breath again. His hands continued to work her breast and pussy, evoking louder and louder moans from her. She tried fumbling with his belt but she was too lost in the ecstacy of his actions. His fingers slid quickly in and out of her wet pussy, stroking every inch of her and leaving her trembling. Alice knew she wouldn’t last much longer, could already feel the orgasm building up as she gave one last attempt to removing her Boss’ belt. Just as she finally released the buckle he pinched her nipple – hard – causing her to yelp and pushing her over the edge. Her moans turned husky as her breathing became erratic before slowing down to a pant as her Boss pulled out his fingers. They were literally dripping with her cum and he gently pushed them into her open panting mouth. Alice lapped up her cum eagerly without stopping to think what she was doing.

Her Boss laughed as she sucked on his fingers, “It’s nice to see you eager Alice but I have something far better for you to suck.” he easily removed his belt and unfastened his trousers, freeing his dick from the restraint of the tight fabric. He pushed it towards Alice’s mouth, rubbing it over her lips and smirking as she began to timidly lick at it’s head. “Don’t be shy.” he said pushing his dick into her mouth, chuckling softly as her eyes widened. “Just put that tongue of yours to work and relax.” he began slowly moving his hips, gently fucking her mouth as she gasped and licked in response.

Alice lapped hungrily at her Boss’ dick, no longer thinking about anything other than sliding her tongue up and down his shaft or round the head of his dick. She lost herself to the pleasure of his movements and didn’t spare a second thought for the drool that was dripping down her chin. 

Her Boss moaned loudly and grasped the back of her head, pushing into her mouth faster and harder. “I’m cuming!” he gasped seconds before his load filled Alice’s mouth, spilling out and down her chin just a little. He slowly pulled his dick out of her mouth, smiling with amusement as she sat panting. Her face was flushed, her skirt was up around her waist with her panties still pushed to one side and she had cum on her chin but her eyes were filled with lust and he knew this was the start of a very fun arrangement.

— End Chapter 1 —

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