If you’re unsure which contact form to complete or if you would prefer to just have an email address to message directly then please check below.

If you would like to contact Alice about booking an in-person session in the future, or any online sessions please email bookings@asking-alice.com (please only use this email for in-person sessions that are not same day requests).

If you would like to contact Alice about filming opportunities or custom videos please email filming@asking-alice.com (please include links to your portfolios/profiles where applicable).

If you would like to contact Alice to discuss purchasing content or anything that isn’t covered above please email contact@asking-alice.com

If you are looking for a same day appointment (primarily in-person sessions) please TEXT Alice on 07542175349, Alice does not like phone calls so please text when possible. Please only use WhatsApp if you have an international number as Alice tends to ignore messages sent via WhatsApp. Contacting Alice via this number for anything other than same day appointments may result in you being blocked.