5kCelebrating 5k Followers On Twitter!

Now that I've reached a major milestone, it's time to celebrate!


Alice Mayflower

5/14/20235 min read

Hello, lovelies!

If you follow me on my socials then you’ll likely already know that I recently reached a milestone on Twitter. I reached 5,000 followers on my Twitter!

How exciting is that!?

And what’s even more exciting is that to celebrate this milestone I’ve made some celebratory content - a photo set and five brand new videos! But wait, it gets even more exciting! One of the 5 videos will be made available for free on my PornHub account!

To keep things interesting I’ve decided that the way I’ll decide which full video I upload will depend on the outcome of a special post on my Twitter profile. It’s a very simple game, the number of likes the post gets will determine which video gets posted, you'll have until the end of May.

If it gets 1k likes or less it will be “Titty Worship & JOI” that gets uploaded; if it gets between 1k to 2k likes it will be “Dildo Sucking With Lots Of Eye Contact” that gets uploaded; if it gets between 2k to 3k likes it will be “Dildo Fucking & Squirting”; if it gets between 3k to 4k likes it will be “Dildo Double Penetration” and if it gets 5k+ likes it will be “A Proper Fucking Celebration”.

You’re probably wanting to know more about the videos I’ve just mentioned, so here’s a quick run down along with a link to watch their trailers!

a woman with blue hair holding her exposed breasts in silver lingerie
a woman with blue hair holding her exposed breasts in silver lingerie

Titty Worship & JOI - Solo Girl


Alice is celebrating reaching 5,000 followers on Twitter and she's excited for you to celebrate with her.

She starts by testing if her new bra can contain her giant tits and when it fails she invites you to play with them, suck on them and generally worship them.

Once you get her worked up enough, Alice plays with her clit until she cums before then getting you to continue worshipping her tits until she notices how hard your dick is and then swaps to telling you to get your dick out and cum all over her tits and belly.

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Dildo Sucking With Lots Of Eye Contact - Solo Girl


Alice is showing you her celebration outfit - heels and lingerie - when she notices that you've gotten excited ;p

She teases you whilst walking around. After testing if she can twerk in her heels she decides that she has time to have some fun with you and asks if you'd like her to suck your dick.

After moving to the bed Alice starts working your dick, kissing it, licking it and eventually letting it slide right down her throat, all whilst she does her best to keep eye contact with you.

After a few minutes, Alice asks if you want to face fuck her properly until your cum is dripping down her chin onto her big titties.

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Dildo Fucking & Squirting - Solo Girl


Alice is celebrating reaching 5000 followers on Twitter! She's got herself a present to play with along with some new lingerie to show off.

After playing around and stripping off, Alice tells you to get closer so you have a better view as she begins fucking her pussy with her clear dildo.

But Alice decides that 6 inches isn't enough and she swaps to fucking herself with her 7 inch dildo instead. Fucking her wet pussy until she squirts.

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Dildo Double Penetration - Solo Girl


You catch Alice as she's about to have some "me time" with two dildos, then she asks you to stay and watch so that you can both celebrate together.

She tells you that she's really horny and that she had originally planned to just fuck herself but then she got even hornier and decided to get a second dildo so that she could fuck her ass as well as her pussy.

Alice strips off whilst talking dirty and teasing you before taking the smaller of the dildos and sliding it into her already wet pussy.

After telling you to come closer Alice gets comfy and makes sure you have a proper view as she goes back to fucking herself witht he clear dildo. Before long she swaps to fucking her pussy with the bigger dildo.

It's not long before Alice is ready to start sliding the clear dildo into her tight ass and stuff her pussy with the bigger dildo. Alice gets so worked up from having her ass and pussy fucked that she squirts in no time but is too horny to stop then so she keeps going.

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A Proper Fucking Celebration - Boy Girl


It's time for the big celebration! Alice has reached 5000 followers on Twitter, so TallBoy is here to help her celebrate properly.

Alice starts by licking and sucking TallBoy's dick, getting it really wet and sloppy.

Now that TallBoy's dick is rock solid Alice can't wait to climb on top of it and start bouncing. Starting with regular cowgirl before swapping to reverse cowgirl so you have a better view.

After a while Alice decides she wants to try and take TallBoy's big dick in her tight little ass.

But she's too horny for anal and swaps back to riding him and then decides it's a celebration so they can treat themselves to fucking without a condom.

Then TallBoy swaps to fucking her in doggy until Alice is right on the edge of cumming. Swapping to fingering right at the end to get Alice to squirt everywhere.

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So now you know a little more about the videos. I hope you’re excited to participate in the unlock game!

And if you’re a subscriber on any of my premium sites then you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be getting in on the fun too! All of my basic subscriptions will get the celebratory photo set and whichever video gets unlocked. My full length video subscribers will get all of the videos over time (dates will be posted when available).

But even if you’re not a Subscriber you’ll still be getting plenty of fun content ;p

To wrap us up for today here’s a preview of the celebratory photo set!