A New Site!

Update on Alice's website


Alice Mayflower

3/7/20231 min read

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed my website has undergone some big changes...haha, it has in fact been re-started from scratch!

You might be wondering why I would reset my website to a new template and undo literal years' worth of work in setting up and arranging my previous site and the answer is that I really didn't want to but I ran into some technical difficulties and this was the only solution I could get to work for me, so here I am...

It's going to take me a little time to get all of my information back up on my site but I am going to take this opportunity to spend a little more time on my website. I want to make it more user-friendly and make sure that it's easy to find everything. One way you can help with this -a fairly monumental task - is to let me know what information you can't find.

Please don't swamp me with information requests and then expect me to be able to immediately fix everything, this is going to take time.

I'm hoping that this fresh start will help me to focus on what people are actually interacting with on my website and allow me to really make the most of my little corner of the internet. Wish me luck!

Alice x