A West End Girl?

Would you like to see Alice in the West End of Glasgow?


Alice Mayflower

3/14/20241 min read

Hello lovelies,

I've got an opportunity to host incalls from a very lovely apartment in the West End of Glasgow. It's very close to local public transport and it's just gorgeous!

But before I commit to it I'd love to know that there's interest in me being in that area.

So if you would love to visit me in an apartment near Hillhead subway station please do get in touch!

If I do go ahead with it then I will be available in that location from April 25th to April 28th and I will potentially be able to arrange duos with some very beautiful creatures.

I'd need at least two advanced bookings to go ahead with this, so it is extremely important that if you are interested you get in touch x

That's all for now,

Alice x