Alice's Newest Toys!

Something wicked this way cums...


8/24/20232 min read

Hello lovelies!

Today I’m very excited to tell you about two of my newest toys that arrived this week! Be warned these toys are not for the faint of heart and are definitely not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

This week I got my first sounding kit and Humbler!

Isn’t that exciting?! I can’t wait for my first vict…I mean volunteer to try them out on ^_^

If you don’t know what a sounding kit is or what it’s used for, be warned it is a very niche kink that some will find uncomfortable to even discuss.

Basically, I use the metal sounding rods, one at a time, and slowly insert them into the urethra of a penis. Using plenty of lube, of course. There are tons of videos and further information online if you’re curious and want to know more. So be sure to give it a Google if you’re brave enough, haha.

Next we have the Humbler, which is a very simple toy that can be very fun to make use of.

The purpose of this toy is for the balls to be put in the little gap whilst the bar rests behind the legs as they are on their knees. Meaning that if the person in the Humbler tries to move too much they’ll find their balls getting stretched - which I imagine can get quite uncomfortable.

Again, if you brave Google you’ll find plenty of fun videos and more in-depth information, so be sure to take a look if you’re curious.

By this stage I imagine some of you are feeling a little uncomfortable and you might even be thinking “Alice? Why on earth would you buy those?” and for those that feel that way, don’t worry. You’ll never have to interact with these toys. I never push any type of toys or experiences on anyone.

But for those of you that find yourselves getting a little bit excited…feel free to get in touch ;p

Regardless of what you’re into, you’ll find that I have a very long list of likes and I’m very open-minded in general. Please don’t ever be afraid to ask me about something. As long as you are respectful I’ll be respectful.

Want to know more about the rest of my toy collection? Check out my public gallery! (I’m updating it ASAP)

Take care,

Alice x