Changes To Bookings

Important information, please read x


Alice Mayflower

5/22/20242 min read

Hello lovelies, now that my circumstances have changed I’ve realised that I will need to make some changes to the way I work in person.

What that means for you (my existing and future lovers), is that I will be available less often, in different hotels/Airbnbs/similar most likely every time and I will only be able to accept two to three bookings at most per day.

The additional costs of booking accommodation, travelling and just generally having less time means that I will no longer accept bookings of less than an hour. Which, if I’m honest, is something I had been considering for a while anyway. Less than an hour just isn’t enough time to really get to know someone and find all of their buttons. As much as a quick and passionate rendezvous can be exciting, I’d rather be able to relax and then have the time to get properly worked up with someone.

Due to my very limited availability, all bookings must be made in advance with the deposit paid at least 48 hours before the booking date. I will no longer be accepting on-the-day bookings, at all. It doesn’t matter if we’ve been meeting for years or it’s our first meeting, I will only accept bookings made in advance. This also means that I will no longer be offering a £10 discount for booking in advance because that is the only type of booking I will accept, so it’s redundant.

As I will no longer be hosting from a private long-term apartment I will require any requests for toys/outfits/props to be made at the time of inquiry. I will not carry around a full wardrobe and toy collection for people to pick and choose from on the day. If you don’t make a specific request I’ll wear what I feel best in.

I’ve updated my contact form to be more in-depth to help make sure that you provide all the information needed for us to dive in and get the ball rolling so we can just relax and look forward to our time together.

I may make further changes depending on how the next few months go but I hope that these changes will make for a smoother, more fun experience for not just me but all of my lovely visitors.

I understand that not everyone will be happy about these changes but I have to do what’s best for me and for the time being, this is what I feel is my best option.

Oh and I will aim to send out my availability via my mailing list as well as updating my Google calendar (as I always have), so if you want a little extra notice of my availability be sure to sign up to my mailing list!

And whilst I have you here, I’ll be available in Glasgow City Centre on May 27th.

Alice x