Crushing A Tiny Infestation

Releasing at 6pm UK time 15th March 2024


Alice Mayflower

3/15/20241 min read

Hello lovelies!

This post is all about this week’s video release!

I aim to release a new video at least once per week, usually on a Friday at around 18:00 UK time.

This week I’m releasing: “Crushing A Tiny Infestation - Solo Girl'' on all* of my sites! Here are all the details:

Title: Crushing A Tiny Infestation - Solo Girl


Alice has discovered that there are tiny creatures living in her house. Scurrying under her floorboards and occasionally appearing on the floor of her room.

She won't tolerate these disgusting tiny creatures living in her house so she decides to get rid of them.

Alice crushes the tiny creatures beneath her feet - both in socks and in shoes.

Hearts & reviews are appreciated x

Duration: 24 minutes 54 seconds

Tags: #giantess #crushingtinycreatures #sockedfeet #crushing #tinypeoplegiantwoman #curvy #feet #shoes #Scottish #2023 #bluehair

Price: £/$ 25


Where To Buy:

Contact me to buy directly. Payment is accepted via bank transfer, tips on sites or crypto.

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*not all of my videos will be available on all of my sites due to the site's content restrictions, or how easily I can upload content with other performers, or if I’ve decided to be less active on a site due to less sales/activity.

**Primarily for piss, scat and other content that I can’t post on my main sites