Getting Ready for Spooky Season

(Alice’s favourite holiday)


Alice Mayflower

8/26/20233 min read

Salutations spooky lovers!

Halloween is right around the corner! You might think, “Alice, we haven’t even gotten to the end of August yet, calm down.” but remember that if I’m going to have delightful and devious new Halloween content for you this year I need to have it done by mid to late September.

So really, I’m already behind schedule.

Even more so when you remember that I have to move again at the end of October, so I likely won’t have time during the last two weeks of October. Which are probably the most important of the season :/

I’ve had a lot on my plate recently, as you know, but Halloween is my absolute favourite holiday and I really want to get some fun new content out this year.

Of course I’ll be aiming to use costumes I already own but as we all know in today’s day and age everyone wants NEW. New costumes, new toys, new set dressing/props and they want it all now, now, now. The Spice Girls had us spot on with “Generation Now” didn’t they, haha.

So what I’m planning to do by the end of August is find all of my costumes (they got packed away for the move), see which ones still fit, which ones are missing items and which ones are just too done in to really use again. Once I’ve done that, I’m going to take a little time to get fresh pictures of me in them for my public gallery, as I’ve also been meaning to do that for a while, haha. Once I have proper inventory I’ll start planning new videos. Depending on how many costumes survive I think I’ll be aiming for two videos per costume. That might be too big a goal, but we’ll see. However, that still doesn’t really scratch that “we want new stuff” itch.

Based on a Twitter poll I’m running, it looks like the preference of the general public is “quantity over quality”, which is not entirely how I like to do things but I always listen to my audience. So I’ll be aiming to get a bunch (maybe 5+?) of new cheap costumes to be able to create entirely brand new content. I’ll be asking for help with this, of course, by updating the costume wishlist on my Amazon wishlists. I’d also really love to get some half decent costumes from Leg Avenue (prices range from £50-£100) but we’ll see. In an absolutely ideal world I’d have enough time and resources that I could just make all of my costumes myself but my sewing machine and craft supplies are currently in storage, so that’s not likely.

I’d also like to take a minute to highlight that costumes in my size are never going to be as cheap as I’d like, so each costume is still likely to cost £20-£40 and that’s often before looking at accessories. I generally charge about £10-£15 for my videos which means I actually earn about £8-£13 per sale (before any deductions for currency conversion or website admin fees). So every new costume video I make, I need to sell at least five times to just cover the cost of the costume. Just something to keep in mind.

Other than helping me acquire new costumes, I’d also love to hear what kinds of videos people want to see more of. I try to cover as many genres, fetishes, niches and trends as I can but I know that there’s still plenty I haven’t covered. So if there’s a type of video you think I haven’t done enough of let me know! I’m not promising that I’ll do every suggestion but I always love to see what people actually want from me.

Given that I’m already technically behind schedule, it’s not very likely that I’ll be releasing any collab content for Halloween this year. Which is a shame and if I hadn’t had to move maybe it would have been different. But I’m sure whatever I do release this year will still be tons of fun ^_^

I hope you’re as excited as I am! Be sure to check back for updates!

If you’d like to help by getting me a costume off of my Amazon wishlist click HERE

Want to help buy me a better-quality costume? Check out my WishTender HERE

As always, if I receive any gifts I will be sure to respond with some goodies of my own. Plus you’ll have the option to have your name (a name of your choosing) in the credits of a video as a sponsor.

Well, I’ve got plenty to get on with, so wish me luck everyone, haha.

Alice x