Gifting Etiquette - One Escort’s Guide

11th December 2023


Alice Mayflower

12/11/20234 min read

Hello lovers, gentleman sponsors, and distant admirers; today I want to discuss gifts. More specifically, I want to talk about gifting etiquette.

Different situations will require different approaches, so I will split this blog up into the three main situations that apply to me. Please remember that I’m writing this blog to suit my opinions, preferences, and experiences. Everyone is different, if you’re not sure how someone prefers to receive gifts or what items they’d like to be gifted, ask them.

However, one of the most important things to remember when gifting to anyone is that a gift is a gift. If you are not giving a gift freely with no expectations in return then that is not a gift. If you wish to receive something specific in return for items/money then you should negotiate that directly.

Online Gifting Via Wishlists

One of the most accessible ways to send me a gift is for the gifter to purchase an item directly from one of my wishlists (e.g. Amazon wishlists, WishTender, Throne).

All you have to do is scroll through the options that I’ve already selected until you find the one you want to gift me. Make the payment for the gift, make sure you include your contact details in the note section, and then look forward to hearing from me.

It is of the utmost importance that you include a contact method - such as email or social media username - so that I can reach out to you and send you a personal thank you. But always keep notes discrete as they are often read/moderated by the website.

The other important thing to remember is that, unless you have arranged with me otherwise, a gift is just that: a gift. Freely given by you to me. A gift does not entitle you to anything in return. Often I will provide treats in the form of photos, short video clips, or similar as a thank you for the gifts I am sent but if you are sending me a gift you should be doing it because you want to send me a gift, not because you want something from me.

If you want to receive something specific from me then you should go through my usual method of contact for the service you’re looking for.

Gifting Money

As convenient as wishlists are, they can also be restrictive. If there’s an item I’d like that I’m not able to add to a wishlist the next option for a gifter is to directly send me money. Or if a gifter is just looking to brighten my day and doesn’t want to have that attached to a physical item then a monetary gift is the perfect option.

Monetary gifts or tips can be sent in a few different ways: bank transfer (UK only), CashApp (UK only), tips on my subscription sites, tips on my clip sites, or via crypto.

Once again, it’s important to remember that if you are sending a gift then it is just a gift. You should be sending a gift purely for the sake of sending a gift.

If you wish to pay for a specific service then you should communicate that clearly before sending anything.

When sending money directly I will always ask you to confirm which payment method you prefer and I will often give you specific instructions on how to send money so that it will be discrete but also easily identified by myself.

As with physical gifts, I will likely want to send you some treats as a thank you, so I will ask for an email address, if we are not communicating by email, to send you those treats.

Bringing Gifts To An In-Person Session

If you’re lucky enough to be able to visit me in person you may decide you wish to bring a small gift to our date (there is no expectation or obligation to do so but it is a lovely gesture).

Common gifts are things like wine and chocolate. However, I don’t often drink alcohol, so wine is not a favourite gift of mine, and as lovely as chocolates are you might want some other options.

You can, of course, purchase an item off of one of my wishlists ahead of your booking so that the item has time to arrive for the date of the booking. This can be an excellent strategy if you’re looking for me to wear a particular outfit or item for the booking.

But if you prefer to be spontaneous here are some gift ideas that you should be able to get from most supermarkets that will only cost maybe £20 at most.

  • Scented candles (preferably the ones in jars)

  • Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths (grey or black)

  • King-size fitted sheets, pillowcases (grey or black)

  • Mouthwash, shower gel, wipes, boxes of tissues (sensitive skin options and unscented or mildly scented)

  • Dettol laundry sanitiser

  • Ariel colour laundry pods

  • Nivea body lotion moisturiser

  • Skyns condoms (all sizes and varieties)

  • Squishmallow plushies

  • Strong/durable dog toys (I have a Staffy)

  • Gluten/wheat-free dog treats

If you want to spend a little more on your gift I’m always happy to receive these items.

  • Perfume by Paco Rabanne

  • Jewellery (I prefer silver, see my “About” section for measurements and ring sizes)

  • Lingerie (see my “About” section for measurements)

  • Shoes (UK6)

  • Sex toys

You are never expected to bring a gift to a date but if you do decide to bring a gift - whatever it is - I will be delighted and grateful to receive it.

If you’re ever unsure about an item that you wish to bring as a gift don’t be afraid to ask.

But again, it’s important to remember that a gift is only a gift if it’s freely given. You can’t use a gift to cover the fee of the session or to try and get extras. Doing so will most likely result in me refusing to see you again or potentially asking you to leave.

Final Thoughts

As with everything, clear communication is essential. Make sure to include contact details and keep notes discrete.

If you have any doubts don’t be afraid to get in touch. Don’t worry about spoiling the surprise, it’s much better that the gift you get fits properly or is something I want or is suitable than it being a surprise.

A gift is only a gift when freely given. If you are seeking something specific talk to me about it and I’m sure we’ll be able to come to an arrangement.

Thanks for reading,

Alice x