Halloween Costumes & Other Updates

A quick catch up, as well as a look at the costumes Alice is keen to get.


Alice Mayflower

10/4/20232 min read

Happy Halloween month my spooky fans!

Before we get into all of the fun Halloween stuff I just wanted to give you all a quick update.

I currently don't have a work flat so I'm not currently accepting in-person bookings. I don't have the dates for when I will next be available and trust me, that annoys me far more than it annoys you. So until I have a work flat again I will be focussing entirely on my online services.

That being said, I'm also taking a short break from social media. There's just too much that needs my attention and social media has become too much of a distraction so I'm taking some time away.

Obviously, I will still be posting top all of my subscription sites. That hasn't changed. If anything you might see a few more random posts on my sites for the next little while haha.

I'll also continue posting blogs here on my website with any new information or fun things that pop up.

So now that you have all the important info let's talk about Halloween!

Halloween is my favourite time of year - as I'm sure many of you are already aware - however, due to a myriad of things I am not as well prepared for Halloween this year as I would have liked to have been. But I'm staying positive and moving forward ^_^

And I'm starting by looking at costumes! I do have a fair few costumes on my Amazon wishlist but I think I'd really like to get some higher quality costumes and I've picked out 12 costumes in particular that I think I'd really like. But 12 costumes is quite a lot and the total it would cost to get all of them is...more than I'm willing to spend right now, haha. So I need your help to pick out 3 costumes that I should get.

Here are all of the options:

The voting form will close on the 8th of October.

If you're feeling particularly generous or you want to make sure that Alice gets a specific costume, feel free to use the contact form to discuss gifting Alice a costume. Or you can go straight to her wishlists/tipping options and gift the money or costume directly. Remember to always include a name and contact method when gifting or tipping.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and are as excited for Halloween as I am!

Alice x