Let’s Catch Up - 3rd May 2024

This catch up is a little on the long side but it gives a general update on everything I have had going on recently.


Alice Mayflower

5/3/20246 min read

Before we get started please be aware this is going to be a long post.

As you might have noticed April was a very busy month for me. I started the month with a hastily extended stay in London due to the train strikes interfering with my originally scheduled train.

I was in London for about a week which was 3 days longer than I had planned to be there and it was not a particularly busy week which was a tad disappointing as I had planned to use my earnings from that week to cover the rest of my time away from home.

Mostly I spent my time catching up with friends, buying last-minute bits and bobs for my trip to Spain and doing my best to learn some basic Spanish via Duolingo.

The following week I was in Spain shooting for Mr Rain’s Sexy Wrestling, which was terrific fun and I’m sorry to say I can’t tell you anything about the tournament. But the videos will be out sometime around July I think, so you don’t have to wait too long.

However, I can tell you that alongside the content I shot for Mr Rain I also managed to shoot some content for myself with the other ladies that were on the trip! And I’m so excited to get those videos edited and uploaded.

Despite not knowing very much Spanish at all, I did well enough that people were smiling and encouraging me, so I’m taking that as a good sign. I’ve even been keeping up my Duolingo streak, so maybe if I get to go again next year I’ll be able to hold a conversation, haha.

It’s hard to condense the trip to Spain and I will be making a separate blog just to talk about it so I’ll end by saying, the food was amazing, the company was fantastic and I’m so honoured and grateful to have been invited to work on this shoot.

However, my return from Spain is where things went very definitely pear-shaped.

For the record, this was, basically, my first holiday abroad. Previously I’d only spent a few hours in places. So this was also my first time flying with actual hold luggage. If you follow me on Twitter then you know where this is going, haha.

When we landed in London and went to collect our luggage, the rest of the group was really helpful and guided me through everything. So as we’re standing at the collection point and the rest of the group has their luggage I do my best not to worry. However, I can hear the group starting to ask staff questions and get a little antsy, so I do start to get a little anxious. We finally have it confirmed that all of the luggage from our flight has been emptied and if my case isn’t there then we need to talk to baggage support or whatever they were called.

After a bit of confusion over the names of things we realised that the sticker/receipt that had been given to me and attached to my luggage didn’t say my name, it said the name of a lady who decided not to fly with us (she made other travel plans). At this moment we all realised why the plane staff had been asking about her. So it turned out my luggage had been removed from the plane because they thought it was hers, so it was still in Spain. Not ideal but at this stage I’m still doing my best to stay calm. It boils down to them being able to get my case flown over the next day (Wednesday) but not being able to deliver it until Friday, which was disastrous for me as I was leaving London on Friday to go to Cheltenham to visit a friend.

Given the choice of very likely missing the delivery and my case being stuck in London or having my case sent directly home - where I wasn’t going to be for another week - and being safe, I chose to have my case sent to my home address. And I’m so glad I did because my case was delivered just as my train to Cheltenham pulled out of the station.

So without my luggage and with a night out to see The Book Of Mormon planned, plus potential clients, wanting to look nice whilst visiting my friend and general day-to-day necessities I had to spend close to £500 to replace all of the things I needed for the remainder of my trip. Which was not money I really had to throw around considering how quiet bookings have been.

But I got a new case, some nice bits and pieces and had a lovely time when I went out.

The Book Of Mormon was very funny and had me laughing out loud and covering my mouth in mild disbelief at some of the language used in the show. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is particularly sensitive to religious parody and darker humour. But I had a very good time and for the record, I looked lovely.

A combination of very few bookings, the unexpected expense of the luggage being delayed and online payments coming through at a later date than I thought my trip to Cheltenham ended up being a very quiet visit.

I did still get to wander into the city centre and my friend and I had a wonderful time hanging out but it was a shame that I didn’t get to have a proper night out like I had been planning to.

Finally, it was time for me to head home. But wouldn’t you know it, something went wrong with my trains. My first train - from Cheltenham - was delayed, which meant that I missed my connecting train. So I ended up spending almost three hours hanging out in Birmingham train station until the next train to Glasgow. And of course, I wasn’t meant to be on that train, so I had no assigned seat. Given the option of being stuffed into whatever seat was available for the next 5 hours or paying to upgrade to a premium seat, I decided to treat myself. So I got to have a lovely quiet, spacious train ride back to Glasgow. Which was really nice and has me considering doing that more in the future, but it was more money that I shouldn’t have had to spend if other things had gone the way they were supposed to.

But I get home, I pass out and then spend the next few days recovering my energy and trying to get the airline to reimburse my costs (still no update on this). Life starts returning to normal.

During this time away, I made the decision that I was going to move out of the place I had been using for incalls in Maryhill. I let my friend know (on Friday) that I was intending to move out and I get asked to have all of my stuff out by Sunday (late on Saturday evening) or hold off until the end of May…

Neither scenario is great but I didn’t like having to work to someone else’s schedule like that, so I got some help and organised moving my stuff. Sunday then became a mad scramble of taking apart furniture, packing up boxes of clothes/toys and moving it all to storage for the time being.

This, of course, meant I had to spend more money on hiring a van and sorting moving.

This also means that I don’t currently have a space to host incalls from. I hadn’t intended to move out so quickly so I haven’t arranged an alternative space yet. So I’ll very likely be working from hotels or Airbnbs for the foreseeable.

I’ve also taken up a part-time regular civvie job to balance out the fact that bookings have been so quiet for so long now. Which has been weird for me. It’s been a fairly long time since I last had a job that had absolutely no ties to sex work or the adult industry. Not to mention this new job has me on night shift, which isn’t something I’ve ever done before.

I’m sure I’ll get on fine with it but it’s definitely going to take some getting used to.

But I did also get the super exciting news that I had been nominated for the SNAP Awards 2024 Niche Performer of the Year in amongst all of the moving, haha. I’ll be making a separate post about that and including who I’m voting for very soon but for now, I just want to say how grateful I am to be nominated and I wish every nominee the best of luck.

I think that’s just about everything, haha. But do keep an eye out for specific posts on specific things. I just wanted to give a general update for now so people have a chance to be aware of what’s going on in my life.

Alice x