London Dates & Work Flat Updates

Updates on when Alice is next in London and her work flat.

Alice Mayflower

7/11/20232 min read

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. I've got some updates that are a mixture of exciting and less fun but let’s just dive in!

First of all, I’ve finally bought my train tickets and decided on the dates I’ll be available in London this month. I will be in London from Thursday 20th of July until Monday 24th of July. If you want to see me whilst I’m in London you need to get in touch with me ASAP.

The next update is less fun but is not a huge surprise.

As you’ll likely have noticed, I’ve been trying to raise money to move out of my work flat due to the owner deciding to sell. For a while it had looked like a friend of mine might have been able to step up and save the day by buying the flat so I could continue renting it. However, that has been unsuccessful and it is now definite that I will have to leave that flat by the start of August.

You’ll note that the start of August is only 20 days away…

That doesn’t leave me with much time to sort out moving flats and everything that goes along with that. But the good news is that my friend is willing to let me use her flat until the end of October.

Unfortunately, I will still need to put the majority of my furniture and belongings into storage as her flat is not very big and obviously has all of her own belongings in it.

But this means I won't have to go back to using hotels or similar so I shouldn’t have to make any drastic changes to my pricing. It does mean I will no longer be based in Hamilton and likely will not be returning to Hamilton after July ends. So if you’ve been keen to visit me in Hamilton (where my prices are the most affordable), I recommend you get in touch with me before the end of July.

My friend’s flat is in the Maryhill area and I will be charging my Glasgow rates whilst I am there.

I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do when the end of October comes around but I’m hoping that by then I’ll have plenty of money saved up and I can look at a nice new work flat somewhere in the Glasgow area.

I will leave my fundraising page on JustGiving up until the end of the year to give everyone plenty of time to offer support if they wish to. I will also leave the fundraising option on my WishTender up until the end of the year, so that option is available too.

Once I know more I’ll be sure to post another update so keep an eye on my blogs.

Alice x