Making A Mess Before Dinner - Solo Girl

Video Release - 16th Feb 2024


Alice Mayflower

2/16/20242 min read

Hello lovelies!

This post is all about this week’s video release!

I aim to release a new video at least once per week, usually on a Friday at around 18:00 UK time.

This week I’m releasing: “Title of Video'' on all* of my sites! Here are all the details:

Title: Making A Mess Before Dinner - Solo Girl


You've arrived just as Alice is finishing getting ready for your dinner date. Her dress is quite short and she's quick to show you that she didn't bother with underwear ;p

Alice spots you're getting flustered and continues to tease you with how revealing her dress is.

She teases you by talking about all the things she would "never" do on this dinner date: she'd never flash her tits at you, never play with her pussy under the table and never be so bold as all that.

With you now fairly wound up Alice gets down on her knees and offers to help you unwind before heading to dinner. Practically begging you to let her suck your dick.

Alice doesn't waste any time getting your dick down her throat and covered in lipstick but she realises that her sucking your dick is just making you harder so she suggests trying her pussy instead.

Alice makes sure that her pussy is good and close to you so you can slide your dick into her smoothly.

Bent over in front of you and pulling her ass cheek to the side to make sure you can se your dick sliding in and out of her pretty pink pussy as she gets wetter and wetter.

It's not long before your dick makes Alice squirt everywhere. She makes such a mess that she definitely will have to wear something different to dinner. Squirt dripping down her as you keep fucking her.

Soaking in her own cum Alice starts demanding that you cum in her pussy. She wants you to fill her up, cumming deep in her pussy.

Hearts & reviews are appreciated x

Duration: 14 mins 19 seconds

Tags: #dirtytalk #teasing #Scottish #squirt #squirting #dildosucking #dildofucking

Price: £/$ 15


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