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Alice Mayflower

4/28/20231 min read

Hello, lovelies!

I’m just here to let you know that I have a new video coming out on Friday(28th April 2023)! It’ll go live at 18:00 UK time and be available to purchase on all of my usual sites.

Here are all the details!

Title: Crystal Clear Cock - Solo Girl


Alice has a new toy that she can't wait to play with and she's invited you to watch her play with it.

She starts by getting her new clear dildo out of it's packaging and running it along her body before deciding to see what it looks like when she's sucking on it. She keeps eye contact as she slides it in and out of her mouth, playfully licking and sucking it.

Then she moves to sliding it into her pussy before adjusting so that you can get a closer view. Now that she's comfy and you have a better view she begins sliding the clear cock in and out of her wet pussy with proper determination.

It's not long before Alice can feel her pussy tightening as she gets closer and closer to squirting.

Enjoy x

Duration: 9 minutes and 1 second

Tags: #squirting #BBW #solofemale #cleardildo #dildofucking #dildosucking

Price: £/$ 10

Featuring: Alice Mayflower

Available to purchase:

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*OnlyFans subscribers must DM to purchase as I’ve lost the ability to post PPV posts.