Settling In & Catching Up

18th Aug 2023


Alice Mayflower

8/18/20231 min read

Hello lovelies!

I’m now finished moving and I’m just getting unpacked and settled in. I’ll be in my new work flat, in Maryhill, until the end of October. I haven’t finalised the details for what I’ll be doing after October but I will be sure to post updates here on my blog whenever I get them.

I’ve fallen behind on my admin, by a fair amount :/ so I will be spending some time trying to catch back up on that as and when I can. If you’ve messaged me, are waiting for customs or I’ve said I’ll send you a digital thank you, please be patient with me. I will be in touch asap.

Recently I’ve had issues accessing PocketStars and I’m considering removing it from my regular posting list. I won’t delete the account but it’s not been a very popular site anyway so I think now is a good time to take it off my daily posting list and reduce my admin load ever so slightly. If you had been subscribed to me on PocketStars I recommend you swap to either AdmireMe or Fansly.

Unpacking will likely take me some time so my vast collection of toys, costumes and set dressing will likely be less available for the next while. If you really want me to make sure I have a certain item please give me plenty of notice.

I’m looking forward to making lots of new friends and having plenty of fun experiences in this new location ^_^

Be sure to use my contact form to get in touch for advance bookings (which I prefer) or text me for same-day bookings.