Sugar Daddy Wanted

Let's talk about arrangements


Alice Mayflower

9/11/20234 min read

Hello lovelies, today I want to talk about Sugar Daddies/Glucose Guardians.

A few years ago I took a look at Seeking Arrangements and I even went on a few dates but ultimately I found the experience time consuming and frustrating so I refocused my energy elsewhere.

However, I’ve begun to wonder if I would have better luck nowadays. Since I have more experience and understanding as well as knowing exactly what I want and what I’m willing to offer.

Over the years that I wasn’t looking for Sugar Daddies (SD) I did occasionally have people reach out or imply that they wanted to be my SD. But these all turned out to be scams or false promises, which had made me even more reluctant to consider this type of arrangement.

But it was always obvious they weren’t being serious so maybe I should just ignore them and not let those experiences put me off.

So, I’m considering accepting SD applications haha.

I want to be getting monthly/regular beauty treatments and I don’t want to have to use my money to get them. So I’m considering looking for a SD (or I guess a PayPig) to take on the costs of the beauty treatments I want in exchange for companionship.

To help with my search I’ve priced all of the different beauty treatments I’d want and then totalled that using the highest possible cost. I’ve also done one without lip filler (which I’ve never had done before but I’ve always been curious about) and one with. See below.


Nails - £40 - £60

Pedi - £50 - £80

Hair - £80 - £120

Eyelash extensions - £70 - £90

Full face threading/waxing - £25 - £40

Facial spa treatment - £60 - £80

Bikini/Hollywood wax - £40 - £60

Lip filler - £130 - £220

Total w/out lip filler = £530

Total with lip filler = £750

So if I were to accept a SD arrangement I’d be looking for a cash allowance of ~£530 - £750 a month. I know what you’re thinking - “Alice, that’s quite a bit of money…what will you be giving in return?”.

Well that’s where it gets complicated. Let’s use the higher figure of £750 and divide that by my hourly rate of £160. That’s 4.7 hours, so let’s just round that up to five hours for a round number. Now obviously the point of a SD arrangement is that it’s more involved than escorting bookings, so I can’t realistically offer someone 5 hours of my time and expect them to be my SD. But what I need to do is come up with a balance that keeps me and the SD happy. For example, I might say I’ll make it a full day rather than the five hours and that I’ll text semi regularly too - to me that’s an absolute bargain but will a SD feel the same?

And of course the cash allowance is just the cash allowance, what about covering the cost of dinner dates and hotel rooms on the days that we meet up? So realistically the SD is probably looking at having to spend close to £1k a month on me, which will definitely mean that he wants to get his money’s worth. So one day a month plus some irregular messaging won’t cut it.

This is where I start getting frustrated because so few people will just be blunt and honest. And then I have to do a ridiculous amount of work to try and figure out what the SD wants, by which time I’m annoyed and no longer want to interact with them.

And this inability to just clearly discuss and to bargain is exactly what put me off SD arrangements. Of course before we can even get to discussing an arrangement we need to make sure we get along, so this conversation probably won’t even start until I’ve put about a month’s worth of time and energy into the person - which I really don’t have spare time for.

By this stage you might be thinking - “Alice, haven’t you just talked yourself out of this idea?” and you’re half right. It’s why I’ve never bothered to pursue a SD arrangement. But I think I might have a solution.

It goes like this.

A potential SD can pay for a social date (£60/hour + expenses) to get to know me and if we get along I’ll give them a week of messaging free to see if they want to commit to an actual arrangement. If by the end of that week they decide they don’t then we part ways and no one is upset. If they decide they are interested then we have an open and honest discussion and come to an agreement that works for both of us.

The reason I’m writing this blog is mostly so I can send it to anyone that ever asks me if I want a SD but it’s also so if anyone would seriously consider that kind of arrangement with me then they know what my expectations are and that I want to have an open conversation about it.

Some of you will think I’m just kidding myself and that no one would ever enter into this kind of arrangement with me. That’s fine. This isn’t for you. Maybe it’s just an interesting insight into how I work things out. But if you’re interested, then get in touch x

Alice x