Virgin Killer Sweater Foot Worship

Releasing: 1st December 2023


Alice Mayflower

12/1/20232 min read

Hello lovelies!

This post is all about this week’s video release!

I aim to release a new video at least once per week, usually on a Friday at around 18:00 UK time.

This week I’m releasing: “Virgin Killer Sweater Foot Worship'' on all* of my sites! Here are all the details:

Title: Virgin Killer Sweater Foot Worship - Solo Girl


Alice is ready for Winter with her cosy virgin killer sweater, gloves and super cosy socks. She notices you admiring her new socks and invites you to get closer so you can properly enjoy them.

Once you're closer Alice starts teasing you. Asking which foot is your favourite. Managing to almost flash her pussy whilst she asks you.

Alice says it's ok if you can't pick a favourite foot, you can just worship them both. Then she takes one sock off so you can have one bare foot as well as a socked one.

As Alice continues teasing you with her feet, talking to you the whole time she pulls her bare foot to her mouth and asks if she should lick her own toes.

She then licks her bare toes, getting her tongue in between her toes, spitting a little and getting her toes wet with drool before showing you.

Then she asks if you’re jealous. Because she gets to lick her beautiful feet and you don't.

It isn't long before Alice takes off her remaining sock. Exposing both of her feet for you to worship.

Alice tells you to cum for her beautiful feet, to show her just how much you adore them.

Hearts & reviews are appreciated x

Duration: 11 minutes 9 seconds

Tags: #footworship #feet #socks #baresoles #festive #winter #2023 #bbw #curvy #solofemale

Price: £/$ 12


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