Work Flat Update

19th Oct 2023


Alice Mayflower

10/19/20231 min read

Hello everyone, I finally have some good news to share!

The work flat is now mostly ready! Which means I will be able to return to accepting bookings and filming/photographing content!

Unfortunately things will remain a little bit chaotic for the rest of October but I expect everything to have fully settled down by the start of November. So you can expect me and my schedule to be back to how I usually work by then. Of course, I will keep you updated if that changes at all.

If you’d like to arrange to visit me please either use the contact form or text me, I will respond as soon as I’m able to.

I will also be willing to accept custom content orders in a week or two, once I’ve caught up with my admin workload. Please use the contact form to get in touch with me about getting your own custom content. If you text me asking for custom content I will just ask you to email, so you’d be as well as using the form from the start.

Thank you all for your continued patience as I continue getting everything sorted. Be sure to keep a close eye on my schedule as I will update them as best I can and as often as I can.

Alice x