Do you love to be rewarded for doing things you are already doing? Do you have a competitive streak and want to see how big of a fan you are? Then you’ll be excited to know that, from January 1st 2024, Alice is launching her brand new Loyalty Club!

Earn Hearts for things you’re already doing (following Alice on social media, purchasing her content or booking in-person sessions, etc) and then redeem them to get yourself some fun goodies (like videos & custom content)!

What Is The Loyalty Club?

Join The Loyalty Club

Please fill in this form to join the Loyalty Club.

You only have to provide the information that will allow Alice to track your interactions with her. If you aren’t likely to purchase her content from a site don’t worry about including a username for that site. Mobile phone numbers are primarily for those who are likely to book in-person sessions, sexting or voice calls or video calls via messenger apps.

All of the information you provide can be changed or deleted at a later date.

Leader Board

The leader board will be updated at the end of each month and is based on the total amount of points you’ve earned, good luck everyone!

Looking for the full leader board that shows every member of the Loyalty Club? It’s over HERE (coming soon).

Not sure which activities/interactions will earn you Hearts? Head over HERE for a full list of all of the different ways you can earn Hearts. This list will most likely update as time goes on, so be sure to keep an eye on it.

Want to earn some extra Hearts? Keep an eye out for bonus tasks. You’ll find them either on this page or posted on my social media accounts.

Bonus Tasks!

Goodies Catalogue

Have you managed to earn a bunch of Hearts and now your points balance is looking ready to spend? Check out the Goodies Catalogue to see what you can redeem your points for!

Be sure to check back often as new items may be added and redemption costs may change as the Loyalty Club develops.